Wednesday, April 4, 2007


In order to keep the fans off-track when it came to the outcome of Tracy Barlow's trial for the murder of her boyfriend Charlie Stubbs, two different verdicts were recorded - one in which Tracy was found guilty, and the other in which she was declared not guilty.

Originally I typed "innocent", but the audience had already seen her confess her guilt to her mother. They also knew that her claim that Charlie had abused her was bogus.

Tracy planned on killing Charlie all along, after she found out that he had been having an affair.

A 'Coronation Street' spokesman said that "There was no way Tracy could ever get away with this crime." He went on to describe the prime-time soap opera as "a moral show where cheats and murderers rarely prosper."

If DCS Charlie Barlow ('Z Cars', 'Softly, Softly', 'Barlow At Large') was still alive, this would have killed him. (Not sure what their familial connection may have been, but there will definitely be more about Barlow here at "Inner Toob" in two months.....)

So the guilty verdict ending is now set in stone for Earth Prime-Time, and Tracy - as well as her portrayer, Kate Ford - will be leaving the series for good after this Sunday's episode since she was sentenced to fifteen years in jail.

But what happens with that unused footage in which Tracy was declared not guilty? It wasn't broadcast, but publicity photos have been released of her reaction to that verdict. Perhaps clips from the scene were shown on British television after the episode, during newscasts?

Could we consider that alternate ending to be the official view from another TV dimension? Perhaps from the "evil mirror universe" version of 'Coronation Street' in which such evil would be rewarded; where the soap opera is instead an immoral show where cheats and murderers always thrive!

Anyway, Kate Ford's off the "Corrie" menu. But here's the thing......

'Coronation Street' may end up running forever. It's been on the air since 1960 - 47 years!

So.... Should she still be alive, and if she was willing to do it, perhaps Kate Ford could come back to the show in 2022 so that the audience can see how she fared after all those years in prison.

I'm sure the hardcore fans at least would remember her by then. And even so, they could do plenty of lead-up to remind the others.


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