Monday, April 2, 2007


Well, thanks to Roger Carlin, TV Eye (See the link to the left), I now know the reason why my taping of Sunday night programming was all screwed up when I attempted to watch it this morning.

Apparently, both my computer and my VCR thought Saturday night was the official change to Daylight Savings Time, and had not been informed of the clock change a few weeks back. So an hour after taping the 'Saturday Night Live' repeat, those two clocks advanced an hour and I never thought to check the VCR. (I did notice the computer one, but never wondered why it did so. "Miguelito Junior" has always been a little... off.)

Damn. So I missed some juicy Toobworldian stuff: one of the guys from ZZTop on 'King of the Hill', a new 'Brothers & Sisters', 'The Dresden Files', and the rejiggered 'Star Trek' about the Tholian Web. And that one especially bleeped me off since I had only just figured out where to find those remastered classic 'Trek' episodes and wanted to start watching them!

Oh well.


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