Monday, July 15, 2013


I belong to a lot of pages in Facebook whose members enjoy the crossover concept, not just the usual gang of my fellow O'Bsessives in the Television Crossover Universe and the Crossovers Forum.
Here's a recent example which I think came from a page dedicated to 'The Prisoner':
Michael Barber
CRAZY scenario coming up.... Sherlock Holmes (Cumberbatch) finds out too much of Britain's secrets and is sent to the Village. Obviously he's not called Sherlock Holmes in the new Prisoner series. Only Number 6. It could work, I tell you!
Okay, Team Toobworld might know why I'd O'Bject to that - the Sherlock Holmes played by Benedict Cumberbatch is not in Toobworld, Earth Prime-Time, but either in an alternate TV dimension or in Toobworld's Limbo.
But let's entertain the notion that the powers behind the Village have been around for a long time, long before the Cold War. 
What if the Village - wherever it was located - had been around during the Victorian era?
So now let's picture Sherlock Holmes - as played by Jeremy Brett, of course, of course - in the scenario described by Michael Barber......

This unseen adventure from Toobworld would have probably happened during the Great Hiatus, after Holmes supposedly perished at the Reichenbach Falls with Professor Moriarty. 
And to expand this crossover wish-craft, who could have been one of the Number Two's that he faced?

Dr. Miguelito Loveless!
My thanks to Michael Barber for suggesting this Missing Link, and to Jim Mueller for creating the images of Sherlock Holmes in Portmeirion.....

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