Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It was upsetting enough to find yet another O'Brien gone bad, this time in 'Downton Abbey'. Now another family name - Rowley, my maternal grandmother's maiden name - was used for a bad cop in an episode of 'The Mentalist'. As for the Griffins (maternal grandfather's family), I'm sure there have been plenty of villains with that name, starting with Hawley Griffin, the Invisible Man. I'm just surprised Fontanella (paternal grandmother's family) was never used for a mobster in 'The Sopranos'......
Thanks to my blogmates at "The Flaming Nose", I've got a theory of relateeveety which I'll save for our annual Wild Wild West salute in August. (Not that 'The Wild, Wild West' is involved.) Actually it's more of a "Game Of The Name" post - same gypsy woman, different name. (You just can't trust gypsies.)
I'm sure somebody else has brought this up already, but when Elle Bartowski Woodcombe stared into the Intersect trigger device designed by her late father, nothing seemed to happen. But when her brother 'Chuck' did so later, it rebooted the system locked within his mind.

Elle was pregnant at the time. So could it be that her unborn daughter Claire was affected by the device?

There's no way the show will be around long enough for us to ever find out once Claire reaches puberty (which is what I would think to be a genetic trigger for the dormant program). But who knows? Maybe with one of the show's last episodes (hopefully not for awhile!) they can flash-forward to the future and let us see Claire in action.

"Mommy! I know kung fu!"
First off, I'm not happy that the first season of 'Burke's Law' was split into two volumes. But why was the first sixteen episodes divvied up into four jewel cases, four episodes each, while the second volume is one DVD jewel case carrying four DVDs? Way to go on wasting my shelf space, guys!
Speaking of 'Burke's Law'.....

Years ago, I read that a couple of guys fed the scripts to hundreds - maybe even thousands - of TV shows and movies into a computer and programmed it to find the most repeated line of dialogue. They had a preconceived notion that it would be "I love you."

Instead, it turned out to be "Let's get out of here!"

On my break at work, I've been watching episodes of 'Burke's Law' and last night it was "Who Killed The Paper Dragon?" And at the very end of the episode, Captain Burke escaped a very messy romantic entanglement by running out to the Rolls Royce and waking up his chauffeur with "Henry! Let's get out of here!"
'Hot In Cleveland' tossed off a bit o' trivia that may be yet another difference between the TV Universe and the Trueniverse - apparently there are fifteen ways to say "whore" in Polish. I could only find five, my favorite being "zdzira".....
And on that note, I hope you had a great Valentine's Day, with no need to shout "Let's get out of here!" because of some zdzira....


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