Friday, February 18, 2011


Have you seen that commercial for Olive Garden in which Grandma comes to visit and her daughter and grand-daughter take her to that restaurant - just a girls' night out. Of the three, the grand-daughter should be recognizable - especially to fans of 'Modern Family'. It's the same actress who plays Haley on 'Modern Family'. (I can't think of her name off-hand but I'm resisting the urge to look it up. After all, we're dealing with Toobworld. She's Haley and the Olive Garden Girl - OG Girl - and that's all that matters. Anything else is outside the TV Universe and not of importance.) When dealing with TV characters who look so much alike, and when you're trying to keep it grounded in "reality", the only two options that could be used are identical cousins or Mom or Dad was cheating in one of the two marriages. And if we went that route, I think it would have to be Mom in the Olive Garden blipvert. After all, there's no sign there even was a Dad in that family. He probably took off once he found out that she got pregnant by Phil.

But who wants to think of Phil Dunphy as a philanderer? (And who would believe that he could carry it off?)

So we're ruling out clones, holographic impersonations, disguises, alien replacements, etc. to splain away why both of these girls look similar.

But I'm going to use these two sources to road-test a new pozz'bility for a theory of relateeveety:

Phil and Claire Dunphy donated fertilized eggs to some other couple. For some reason the other wife couldn't produce her own eggs; the husband has a low sperm count.... They asked their old friends the Dunphys to supply both for them.

And that's why the OG Girl looks so much like Haley Dunphy. BCnU!

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