Saturday, February 19, 2011


Last Sunday night after the Grammy Awards telecast, Serene Branson, a reporter for the L.A. CBS affiliate, tried to give a report from the red carpet outside the auditorium:

And suddenly, she became the news herself:

Many people thought it was a stroke, and Ms. Branson quickly left the air and sought medical attention. But by the end of the week, doctors were able to announce that she had suffered the effects of a "complex migraine".

From CBS News:
Migraines can cause more than pain. Just ask TV reporter Serene Branson, the TV reporter whose recent on-air speaking difficulty is now believed to have been caused by a so-called "complex" migraine.

What's a complex migraine? It's an unusual "presentation" of the neurological disorder - one that can cause vision disturbances, vertigo, and numbness as well as the sort of speech difficulty that Branson experienced.

For More:

Ms. Branson appeared on the 'CBS Early Show' with the network's doctor to talk about the situation and hopefully with proper medical care she's now going to be okay......


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