Tuesday, March 30, 2010


For the last two weeks, the "Wilhelm Scream" has not been heard in the show 'Human Target'. This is a shame since we'd have had "sightings" in Washington D.C. and in Brussels.

As Toobworld Central theorized a month ago, when the Wilhelm Scream is heard in a TV program, it could be signaling the escape of the alien entity known as Redjac from the body of a dying man. But the opportunity hasn't presented itself since Chance and his crew were down in South America.

There were a couple of other theories tossed out there about the relationship between Chance and Redjac - how was it that Chance always seemed to be there when the Wilhelm Scream was heard? One theory was that Redjac used Chance either as a carrier or was just tagging along until it found its next victim.

It could be that as far as Chance is concerned, everything is left up to exactly that: chance.


But there might be a higher power at work here.....

It's been established in Toobworld that God works in mysterious ways and through agents - like Jonathan Smith on the 'Highway To Heaven'. Or people have their lives changed when they are 'Touched By An Angel'. Eventually Dr. Sam Beckett learned that he was acting on behalf of a higher power every time he made a 'Quantum Leap' and changed somebody's life.

Many of those being used for God's work in Toobworld don't even know they are. So it could be that Chance doesn't even realize that he's being guided all the time to wherever Redjac has taken up its latest victim. And then Chance unwittingly finds a way to destroy its host so that it has to move on.

No idea where it could be now, but the Caretaker of Toobworld is patient. The little sucker will show itself again soon enough....

Suddenly I feel like running my fingernails down a chalkboard......


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