Monday, February 1, 2010


In 'Demons', battle-weary demon hunter Rupert Galvin and his young charge Luke Rutherford (last of the Van Helsings) are always on the look-out for "half-lifes" to smite. A half-life could have been "born" that way - such as the demon Gilgamel - or they could have been created - like the vampire Quincey Harker. Tobias Tibbs was a half-life who was part human and part rat. There was nothing Tibbs enjoyed more than performing experiments on humans. Not for any particular end... he just found it amusingly ironic.

For Toobworld Central, Tobias Tibbs stands as more proof, like the business partner of Gomez Addams, of Dr. Moreau's existance in the TV Universe.

When it comes to that, I'll also contend that the Noisy Boys, those demonic cat-like humanoids that seem to work for the higher levels of demonry, are also products of Dr. Moreau's experimentation. However, they may have kept their man-like physiology but they've lost much of the intelligence. They practically have reverted back to the pure savagery of their forebears...... BCnU!

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