Monday, February 1, 2010


Omar Miller has joined the cast of 'CSI: Miami' as Walter Simmons. He's seen here in the "Bone Voyage" episode with Dr. Raymond Langston crossing over from 'CSI: NY'.

Previous to this, Miller played FBI Agent Felix Lee on 'Eleventh Hour' (a show I liked and was sorry to see CBS didn't support it with a second season; a crossover with some other procedural like 'Criminal Minds' might have helped).

It's a shame Miller couldn't have played Felix Lee again on 'CSI: Miami', as an FBI consultant to the Miami police. That would have put 'Eleventh Hour' into a definite crossover.

Oh well. There's always the possibility for a theory of relateeveety. Maybe "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" could have referred to the daddy of both Felix and Walter....


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