Friday, February 5, 2010


I've got a new DVR from Time Warner on Tuesday; most of you probably don't know I was without the use of my old "McDivver" since sometime after 11 pm last Wednesday. And I lost a lot of things I was saving or just never got around to yet: the last 'Guiding Light', "The Velvet Touch" (a great non-Columbo "Columbo" movie), and the two Anthony Fremont episodes of 'The Twilight Zone' - the original and the sequel. I've lost them all but that's neither here nor there. So it goes.

But I already had 10% of it filled with programs that I can watch and easily erase afterwards. And I have three disks from Netflix of the TV series 'Callan' still to watch. But late last night I instead decided to visit VintageTV4U and see what they had to offer.

And I watched an old episode of 'Make Room For Daddy', one of the early ones with Jean Hagen as Danny Williams' first wife, Margaret. (Usually you see only the Marjorie Lord episodes where she plays Kathy, his second wife.) And this episode had one of the biggest Zonks of its time: a visit by actor Hugh O'Brian, playing himself - constantly referred to as the star of 'Wyatt Earp'. Actually, it may be a Zonk, but it's easily disarmed. The "real" Wyatt Earp of the TV Universe looked amazingly like Hugh O'Brian. So when it came time for casting the TV series in Toobworld, it was the tele-version of Hugh O'Brian who got the job because of his uncanny resemblance to the legendary lawman. And by coincidence, that TV show within a TV show also had the same theme song, which Danny, Rusty, and Margaret sang at the end of the show. BCnU!

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