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From the Los Angeles Times:

Miguel Ferrer, an actor with a long list of credits ranging from “Twin Peaks” to his current role on CBS’ “NCIS: Los Angeles,” died of cancer on Thursday. He was 61.

A fixture on TV and in movies since the 1980s, Ferrer’s reputation as a scene-stealer began with 1987’s “RoboCop,” where he played Bob Morton, the conniving corporate executive who designed the film’s title cyborg. His other landmark role was as FBI agent Albert Rosenfield in David Lynch’s landmark series “Twin Peaks,” along with its corresponding film, “Fire Walk With Me.”

Ferrer reprised the role in the upcoming return of the series,  which is set to debut in May on Showtime.

“Great talent, better man,” wrote “Twin Peaks” co-creator Mark Frost on Twitter. “Working & writing for him was a highlight in every part of my life.”

I was a big fan of Ferrer to the point that I envied the people who knew him.  The other highlights for me were 'Lateline', 'On The Air', and 'Crossing Jordan' (especially one episode in which Carl Reiner played his con artist father.)   I even liked 'Broken Badges'.

But it is for his breakout role in Toobworld that we are honoring Miguel Ferrer today:  FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield of 'Twin Peaks'.

From the 'Twin Peaks' wikia:

Albert Rosenfield is a cynical city-slicker forensics specialist in the FBI who appears to have grown insensitive and indifferent to other people and has contempt for the rural lifestyle of Twin Peaks. However, Rosenfield is revealed to be in fact a conflicted man who, although cynical, holds deep moral convictions.

Albert first met Special Agent Dale Cooper in February of 1978.

From the IMDb:
Albert Rosenfield is an F.B.I. forensics expert, originally brought to Twin Peaks to examine the body of Laura Palmer after her murder.

An acerbic and sarcastic character, Albert quickly makes no friends within the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Office, despite being highly recommended by Dale Cooper, and this is shown when he is finally punched by Sheriff Truman, who finally reaches the end of his tether. Albert is shown to respect only fellow F.B.I. agents at the start of Twin Peaks.

However, contrasting to Albert's acidic outward appearance, he is also a pacifist, admitting this freely and offering to let Truman hit him again at one point in the series. He is considered 'the best' in his field, and considered to be more 'on the ball' by Cooper than Agent Sam Stanley (who appears in Twin Peaks : Fire Walk With Me.)

More excerpts from 'Twin Peaks' websites and a truckload of screencaps could never do Albert justice.  You have to see this man in action as he walked his strange and difficult path in Life......

Agent Rosenfield meets the requirements needed for membership in the Television Crossover Hall of Fame:
  • 'Twin Peaks' - Eight episodes
  • "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me" - Feature film sequel absorbed into Earth Prime-Time
  • "Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces" - TV special utilizing a lot of the footage that never made it into the series or the movie
  • 'Twin Peaks' - At least the first episode of the long-awaited sequel, 27 years later
There will probably be several residents from the town of Twin Peaks who will eventually find their way into the TVXOHOF as well.  I just never saw the need to rush things.  So for that, I'm sorry Albert's entry will be as a memorial tribute.  He deserved to "walk in" under his own power.

Despite my statement earlier that mere framegrabs could never fully honor Albert Rosenfield, there are still a few I'd like to share:


And here are a few toobworthy quotes.....

Sheriff Harry S. Truman: 
Albert, I understand you're the best that there is. 
Agent Cooper told me that you do your job very well. 
Albert Rosenfield: 
That's right. 
Sheriff Harry S. Truman: 
Because normally if a stranger walked into my police station 
talking that kind of insulting crap, 
he'd be looking for his front teeth two blocks away on Queer Street!
FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield: 
The letter B, from Ronette's finger, was cut from a copy of "Flesh World". Perfect match. 
This particular edition features swingers' clubs for standard poodle enthusiasts. 
No comment.
Dale Cooper: 
Albert, where does this attitude of general unpleasantness come from? 
Albert Rosenfield: 
I'll have to get back on you on that. 
Dale Cooper: 
Well if you don't want two black eyes on a regular basis 
I would suggest you make some kind of peace with rural life. 
Albert Rosenfield: 
Great. After the square dance, maybe we can all take a hayride.

FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield: 
You were shot with a Walther PPK. 
It's James Bond's gun, did you know that?

Following standard operating procedures here at Toobworld Central, Albert's reference to James Bond comes without attribution to any source material.  Therefore, he was speaking of 007 as if he was real in Toobworld.  And being an FBI agent, he may have even met the spy.  And if so, we have yet another link, albeit theoretical.

And so we tip our hat to the memory of Miguel Ferrer as we salute our newest member, FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield.....

Albert Rosenfield: 
I like to think of myself as one of the happy generation.

And we're all the sadder for you having left it.

Welcome to the Hall, Albert Rosencrantz!

Right....  Welcome to the Hall, Albert Rosenfield!

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