Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Every so often I like to share pictures of my Earth Prime friends which would suggest that they do have doppelgangers in Earth Prime-Time.  (The most frequent "victim" has been Mark Thompson.  But then, he makes it so easy!)

This time out, I want to get it on record and state categorically that the person I'm showcasing today is NOT my friend.  I don't even know him.

But Brian Leonard is a friend of mine and he sent me the link to this news story.  So I want to make sure I gave him a big ol' Iddiotic shout-out.

Here's the headline for the story by Todd Wellington:

And here are the lead two paragraphs:  

(I'm providing the link here, but they do want you to sign up to read more.)

So let's take a look at Perry Mason's counterpart in Toobworld....

The Caledonian Record is the daily newspaper in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, serving northern Vermont and New Hampshire.  (It's practically on the border shared with the Granite State.)  Here's the charming tidbit of information... information... information provided by Wikipedia:

St. Johnsbury is the shire town of Caledonia County, Vermont, in the United States. The population was 7,603 at the 2010 census.

"Shire Town"....  Isn't that cute?  There could be Hobbits there!

Anyhoo, in Toobworld Perry Mason practiced law in Los Angeles, California, until he accepted a judgeship in Denver, Colorado.  After he resigned that position to defend his former secretary Della Street on a murder charge, he remained in Colorado to practice law again.

Doesn't get him close to Vermont though, does it?

I'm thinking that back in 1969 or even earlier, somebody in the televersion of this ne'er-do-well's family had known Perry Mason Esquire in Los Angeles.  Maybe they interned with him; maybe Mason taught the in a law class.  And perhaps the lawyer defended that person on a serious charge - like.. murrrderrr!

In gratitude, especially since it seems a lot of Mason's clients never had to pay the exorbitant fees usually charged by lawyers, perhaps that person felt a need to somehow honor Mason for his beneficence.  So now, maybe another family member married a man who shared the same surname as Mason.  And so around 1969, when that family member discovered that she was pregnant, the suggestion was made that they should honor Perry Mason by naming the child after him be it boy or girl.

But unfortunately, this Perry Mason failed to stay on the right side of the Law which his namesake championed.

Just a reminder - I am NOT talking about this Perry Mason exactly.  I'm talking about the possibilities for his television counterpart, who would be fictional.


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