Sunday, May 19, 2013



"The Summer Of George"

From Wikipedia:
Jerry and Kramer are going to the Tony Awards, Jerry as an invited guest, Kramer as a seat filler. While filling a seat for a nominee who has stepped away, Kramer is accidentally whisked to the stage by excited Tony winners moving through his row. As a result, he receives a Tony Award for the fictional musical Scarsdale Surprise (based on the killing of Dr. Herman Tarnower), in which Raquel Welch is the star.

Kramer uses his Tony as a ticket into Sardi's, where the producers of Scarsdale Surprise have a proposition for him - he can only keep his Tony award if he fires Raquel Welch, who like Sam, also doesn't swing her arms when she moves; the reason the producers ask Kramer to fire Welch is because they are terrified of her ("I heard from someone that when they cut one of her lines, she climbed up the rope on side of the stage and started dropping lights on peoples heads." as Kramer quotes). 

Kramer does fire her and she responds by attacking him and destroying his Tony as well. While walking down the street afterwards, Raquel sees Elaine describing Sam's walk to the police; thinking that Elaine is mocking her, Raquel attacks her, too.


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