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On October 3rd, I participated in the blogathon celebrating the 50th anniversary of 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' by publishing at least one blog post every hour about the show. It was hosted by my blogging buddy Ivan over at his blog "Thrilling Days Of Yesteryear" and the other participants really brought their A game to the project because of their similar love for the show (or - in the case of Brent's contribution - for the love of Laura Petrie's ass.....)

Ivan bemoaned however that I didn't provide a simple way for future visitors to the blogathon central posts to be able to locate all of my typically Toobworld theories and conjectures about the show. It was only my second time participating in a blogathon (the first beng the Lucy 100th birthday salute a month or so before), and I wasn't sure on the details about how to make it all work.  So I'm hoping this post provides that easy research tool.

The following is a list of links to all of my posts about 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' from that day. (There'll be plenty more in the future; it's the type of show, like 'Doctor Who', which can provide plenty of material to work with.) The only two that can be considered in order are the intro post and the one that closed it all down. In between, I've arranged the posts by their topics - beginning with the ones that interested me the most and ending up with the ones that basically were just filler when I was trying to beat the clock.

So if this is your first time in exploring these topics I hope you enjoy and welcome back if you have already read them and just wanted to revisit a few faves (hopefully). And don't forget to click on that banner at the bottom, which will take you back to the collection of TDOY links to all the other participants in this blogathon.

Kicking It All Off

A Tribute To Lennie Weinrib & His Three Roles
This was my favorite of all the posts - a salute to a talented man who made an indelible impression in a role he was cast in only five hours before he filmed it!

Allan Melvin's Many Roles On The Show
Allan Melvin is one of the all-time legends of TV character actors and although his many roles on 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' seem to contradict each other and cause Zonks, he could in fact be the link to 'The Brady Bunch' and to 'Sgt. Bilko'....

Dabbs Greer as the minister
Another of my Top Ten favorite character actors and he can link the series to 'The Brady Bunch' as well, but also to 'Picket Fences'!

Linkin' Goodheart One
Here's what might have been had the series come back for a six season. There's no need to fear.....

Linkin' Goodheart Two
What if Wall Cox's "mom" also appeared in the show?

Linkin' Goodheart Three
This is just an out-there theory of relateeveety linking the show to a current hit sitcom.

Rob's Dad - Intro
Three different actors played Rob's father, and we had to figure out a way to make it all work.

Rob's Dad Part One
A look at Tom Tully's portrayal of Rob's Dad - the last to be introduced but the actual man who raised him.
Rob's Dad Part Two
Will Wright - Rob's true Dad as well - at least, the biological one....

Rob's Dad Part Three
J. Pat O'Malley - We cross over into the Twilight - not the Twilo! - Zone to splain him away.....

The Two Pickles
Pickles may have been married twice, but Buddy only had the one wife, yet two actresses played her.....

A Touch Of Graciella
How Sallie Janes' sweet but sad one-shot guest appearance could link to another classic sitcom.

Mrs. Mel Cooley
They always talked about Mel's wife on the show, but did you know she actually showed up in an episode?

Who Played Kolac?
Danny Thomas? What is a Danny Thomas? Certainly not the actor who played the Twiloite leader.....

Buena Sera, Mr. & Mrs. Campbell
A post that combines a lot of characters played by Johnny Silver into one, with the added bonus of Kathleen Freeman's two roles on the show.

As Seen On TV: 'The Dick Van Dyke Show'
The daily feature of Inner Toob, applied to the show in general

Super Six List Of Characters Based On Real People
Another regular feature of the blog as it applied to a topic from the show.

My Top Ten List Of Favorite Episodes
This was an easy list to whip up in order to keep me ahead of the deadlines.....

The Van Dyke Zonks
Many of the discrepancies splained away....

MST3K Quotes About The Show

The Evil Universe Rob Petrie
Probably the nadir of my inspirations.....

Rob Petrie, The Rifleman
More like "The Trifle Man"

Questions About The Jewish Faith
So far, I'm still waiting for answers.....

The Theme Song Lyrics
Another one to keep me ahead of the game as I worked on those harder ones above.....

When Things Were "Rotten"
I'll bet once you read this, the word will just jump out at you from every episode you watch.

An eBay Error
Beating the deadline once again.

Channeling My Inner Buddy
This post is practically from memory. I've been preaching this for years.

The Last Post

 From the home office of Toobworld Central....


Toby O'B

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