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'THE RIFLEMAN'"New Orleans Menace"
A gambling czar, fleeing from New Orleans, stops at the McCain ranch with his following of bodyguards, henchmen and gamblers and decides to take the ranch off of Lucas’s hands.
From "The Rifleman Episode Guide List"

When Tiffauges was driven out of the Big Easy, it may have been Yancy Derringer who was the driving force.....

From Wikipedia:
Yancy Derringer is an American Western series that ran on CBS from 1958 to 1959, with Jock Mahoney (1919–1989) in the title role. It was produced by Derringer Productions and filmed in Hollywood by Desilu Productions. Derringer Productions consisted of half interest for Warren Lewis and Don Sharpe as executive producers, and a quarter interest to Jock Mahoney for starring in the series, and a quarter interest to Richard Sale and Mary Loos, husband and wife, as creators.

Yancy Derringer & Pahoo Ka-Ta-Wah
The Sales based the series on a 1938 short story that Richard Sale had written. In the 1930s, Sale was one of the highest paid pulp writers. Which story was never mentioned, but it was about a destitute aristocrat and troublemaker who returns to New Orleans three years after the Civil War. In the story, Derringer has no first name; "Yancy" was added for the TV series.

So Yancy Derringer's involvement in the background to this episode would have occurred twenty years after the events of his own series, even though the two shows aired at the same time......

Not that it means anything in the grand scheme of things, but "Tiffauges" is one of my favorite names to come out of the series. Perhaps out of TV Westerns as a whole. "Major Glenn Vanscoy" is another, from 'Gunsmoke'. (I'm a big fan of the aptness of names.)


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