Saturday, January 1, 2011


"A Christmas Carol" - the 'Doctor Who' Christmas special - may have taken place in the 44th Century, but the nearly-doomed starliner proved that classic interior design just can't be beat, even if it is a style that's over 2100 years old....... Also, the visor worn in replacement of the navigator's eye may seem antiquated considering that nearly identical timespan, but the surgery that gave Geordi LaForge bionic eyes might not be suitable for everyone in the future - just like laser surgery or contact lenses still aren't right for everyone today. (As an added treat, I think Murray Gold fashioned one of the 'Doctor Who' themes to sound a lot like the music heard as many a 'Star Trek' scene began when we first saw the starliner.....)

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Lisa said...

I definitely thought that starship was very Trekkian, too!