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So here it is, the final post for this second annual "Who's On First" celebration at Toobworld Central's Inner Toob blog. And what better way to end things than with a preview of what's to come in "Season Six" (by the new reckoning).

Ladies and gentlemen and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri, here's your "Big Finish"! (Sorry about that, Chief......)

Combom - you remember Combom? He's come up a lot during our celebration; many thanks to him for some of the stuff discussed here today! - Combom has put together an analysis of the "Season Six" trailer for 'Doctor Who'.

0:03 An angry man, who seems French and from the 14th to 17th centuries, asking where the Doctor is.
0:06 A formidable Nazi leader enters a cabin, flanked by two soldiers.
0:07 The Doctor, Amy and River race out of the TARDIS (from episode one or two).
0:08 The Doctor guides Idris, who seems to be from the same period as shown in 0:03 (episode three, written by Neil Gaiman).
0:09 Men in suits approach someone, or something, in a factory-like place (from episode one or two).
0:12 A leader of the Men in Black points a gun at the Doctor (episode one).
0:17 The Doctor in the Oval Office needs "a SWAT team ready to mobilise, street-level maps covering Florida, a pot of coffee, twelve jammie dodgers and a fez"! (episode one).
0:18 An amazing overhead shot of the Utah desert (episode one or two).
0:20 A car (most likely belong to the Men in Black) races across the desert (episode one or two).
0:25 He wears a Stetson now. Stetsons are cool. . .
0:27 Until River shoots it off (à la fez).
0:28 River plays cowgirls.
0:29 “Do not approach the prisoner” in Area 51!
0:31 The Doctor is the prisoner (with a beard)!
0:32 The TARDIS from “The Lodger”! And it looks like River has discovered it (in her episode one/two clothes).
0:33 The Doctor and Idris on a hill (episode three).
0:34 A spaceman reaches out in a darkened house (very "Silence in the Library") (from episode one or two, regarding "Apollo Ten-and-a-half").
0:35 "You have to do this and you can’t ask why" - is it just me, or does Amy look and sound possessed, and not like normal Amy?
0:35 The TARDIS isn’t happy, and the Doctor and Rory are inside (not from episode one or two).
0:37 Amy looking frightened in the house seen in 0:34 (with added lightening).
0:38 The Doctor holding a glowing box in the TARDIS (not from episode one, two or four).
0:38 River. Naked. Winking. *Dies*
0:39 A running Amy reaches the end of the road (episode one or two).
0:39 Why does that not look like Karen Gillan?
0:40 So that’s why she was running!
0:41 Good ol’ fashioned running through corridors.
0:42 Nooooooooooooo!!! Rory!
0:43 So they were running from Ood! With green eyes! (We told ya).
0:43 Creepy dolls! Yay! (from episode four).
0:44 Amy screaming with tally marks covering her face (from episode one or two, supposedly, she’s upstairs in a room with the Silents (Silence?)).
0:47 His life in her hands. Why does she look possessed again?!
0:53 River has the tally marks on her arms. . . Is she in the same place as in 0:09?
0:56 Scared face time for Rory.
0:57 A Grey alien!

But if you want to see the pictures he garnered to illustrate each detail, then you must visit the article. It's only right after all the work he did on the project.......


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