Saturday, January 1, 2011


There's a great reason why 'Doctor Who' should bring back Paul McGann as the eighth incarnation of the Doctor: they would never have to worry about any need for a timey-wimey splainin as to why he looked older than he did in the one TV appearance for McGann as the Doctor. We never got to see a regeneration scene bridging the eighth Doctor to the ninth. So who knows how old he had become by the time of the Time War?

I'd like to think that Grace Holloway stayed with the Doctor until her death. And maybe she was the mother of the offspring who would give birth to Susan, the Doctor's grand-daughter. Of course, this would mean that at some point Susan would have to be left in the care of the Doctor's first incarnation, in order to keep her safe from the apocalypse that was sure to come with the Time War.
This would mean that during the time she was with the Eighth Doctor, he would always know how the rest of Susan's life with his own original version would play out - in much the same way as Mrs. Hawking did with her son Daniel Faraday on 'Lost'. What do you think, fanficcers?


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