Saturday, January 1, 2011


The 'Doctor Who' Christmas special O'Bviously had two members of the TV Crossover Hall Of Fame - the Doctor and the TARDIS. But there may have been another mentioned, with "photographic proof" of his presence. And then again maybe not.

I'm talking about Father Christmas, AKA Jeff, as the Doctor knows him. Since he was known as Father Christmas on that alien world in the 44th Century, and not as Santa Claus, it probably means the population probably could trace its ancestry back to the British Isles on Earth.

And because his name was also Jeff, it's pozz'ble that he's not the original Father Christmas, but a successor.

In American depictions of Santa Claus in Toobworld, the face may change somewhat (due to Santa's own magical abilities), but the costume has always been the same since at least 1931. Could it be that Father Christmas is just another manifestation of Santa Claus, or the recent TVXOHOF inductee the Spirit of Christmas? Or could it be that Santa Claus and Father Christmas are independent figures working toward the same goal with their own areas of the world to cover? (This would then bring in all the other manifestations of the gift-giving icon across the world as individual figures - and that includes Hannukah Harry.)

I couldn't really tell, but even though the Doctor called him Father Christmas, he kind of looked like Santa Claus in the picture. And as it was at a party at Frank Sinatra's house in Hollywood back in 1952, wouldn't he be out of place? So maybe Father Christmas and Santa Claus are one and the same.

Oh, I don't know......

Anyway, another recent inductee into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame was in the background of the story, heard but not seen yet serving a very important role in the Doctor's life - Marilyn Monroe. And I believe this would also count towards Frank Sinatra's eventual inclusion in the Hall.


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Anonymous said...

Didn't the Doctor say Father Christmas or Santa Claus, as though the two were interchangeable? (Personally, I don't think of them as being interchangeable but go with your suggestion of the two working towards a similar goal idea.) Also, the Doctor referred to Father Christmas as fat, which is a description normally reserved for Santa. Father Christmas tends to be a little sleeker, or at least that long cloak gives that appearance.