Wednesday, August 5, 2009


When Ben needed protection for his fight against a demon during one of the last episodes of 'Reaper', Sock offered to make him a suit of armor out of the old Wrenchie Bench mascot costume.

"We shal rebuild it, Benjamin" said Sock. "We have all the technology right at our fingertips. We can make it better. We shall make it better than it was before - Faster, stronger, demon-proofier."

Now that's the kind of TV reference I like. The writer of this episode trusted the audience enough to understand Sock was mocking the classic Oscar Goldman line from the opening theme of 'The Six Million Dollar Man'. There was no need for him (or her?) to beat us over the head with explanations of where it came from, as is sadly too prevalent in TV references today.

But aside from trusting the audience, it also remained Zonk-free. With no other mention of Colonel Steve Austin and his 1970's TV show, we can look upon the quote as just being the type of thing Bert Wysocki would say within the reality of Toobworld.


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