Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I finally finished the last three episodes of 'Reaper' Saturday. And although it didn't really end on a cliff-hanger, the finale felt like the creative team expected to get another season for the show. That's not going to happen, but at least we were left with the feeling there was hope for Sam to not only get out of his deal with the Devil, but also to rescue Andi's soul as well.

That will be left up to the Fates in Toobworld... maybe to intrepid 'Reaper' fanficcers out there. In the meantime, there was at least one last definite link to the TV Universe for the show......

Mary Pat, a new greeter at the Work Bench, was a smoker. And her cancer sticks of choice? Morley's, the brand most TV characters ask for by name! Other shows that had the Morley brand:

'Beverly Hills, 90210'

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'
'Cold Case'
'Criminal Minds'
'Jake 2.0'
'Killer Instinct'
'The L Word'
'Malcolm in the Middle'
'Mission: Impossible'
'Nash Bridges'
'New Amsterdam'

'Prison Break' (alternate universe)
'The Outer Limits'
'Space: Above and Beyond'
'Special Unit 2'
'Spy Game'
'That '70s Show'
'The Twilight Zone' (a big maybe......)
'The X-Files'

In much the same way as the Devil owns the souls of Sam and Andi, Toobworld owns 'Reaper' now......


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Anonymous said...

And the coffin nail of choice for Det. Grace Hanadarko, when she's finessing a witness. Don't know if she ever tipples Hennigan's, though.