Thursday, August 6, 2009


Four hundred years ago on the island that would come to be known as Manhattan, a Lenape shaman created the talismans to summon the powers of rock, wind, fire, and water and left them hidden away in a cave with the hopes the right man would come along to wield those powers wisely. (This was depicted in the opening scenes of "Elementals", this week's episode of 'Warehouse 13'.) So this took place approximately in the year 1609, about two years after a Lenape shamaness granted a great and terrible gift to the young Dutch soldier who rescued her - immortal life. (We learned this during the first episode of 'New Amsterdam'.)
The Lenape would be the general name for their people. I wrote about them here at Inner Toob when 'New Amsterdam' was just beginning.....
As these Indians lived on the lower end of Manhattan, and since magic is usually hereditary, I'd have to say that both of these two characters - in the grand scheme of all that is Toobworld - were probably related. They could even have been brother and sister.


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