Sunday, August 2, 2009


On 'Leverage' this week, Nate Ford and his team of con men could have messed up "The Order-23 Job" before it was really underway because of a technical error.

If their target Eddie Marangian had been paying attention, he would have noticed that the TV news graphic that flashed on the screen was from TV station KXXB. But he was in a Belbridge, Massachusetts, hospital - and the call signals for every TV and radio station east of the Mississippi begins with a "W". O'Bviously, working under time constraints, Hardison probably could only have loaded up that graphic, the only one he could find that was somewhat appropriate.

However, with cable and satellite, there are super-stations - like TBS and WGN - which transcend their boundaries to play all over the country. And that's what they could have said to Marangian if he ever brought it up.

Of course, there's the power of the script-writer. Not everything has to be brought up....


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