Wednesday, May 7, 2008


New additions to the Library at Toobworld Central!

'The Adams Chronicles'

I haven't seen it since it first was broadcast, but it should make for a nice followup to HBO's 'John Adams'. I'm keen to see William Daniels again as John Quincy Adams.

'Perry Mason Anniversary Edition'

High praise for this from Lee Goldberg, and it's packaged by the same guy who's been putting out the 'Wild, Wild West' collections, so I'm certain it'll be more than just a retread of old episodes!

'Burke's Law' - Season One, Pt. 1

Hopefully this will prove popular so that the whole series is released on DVD. Some of my all-time faves are in the second season. And if it proves to be that successful, maybe I'll see 'Amos Burke, Secret Agent' released as well!

One can hope!

Toby OB

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