Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Administrative Professionals' Day (Secretaries' Day) is an unofficial secular holiday observed on the last Wednesday of April, to recognize the work of clerical employees such as secretaries, receptionists, paralegals, etc. It is celebrated as part of a larger Administrative Professionals Week, which takes place during the last full week of April.

This year, "Secretaries' Day" (yes, I'm a chauvinistic troglo- er, traditionalist) is celebrated today, April 23rd.

So today we salute those "administrative professionals", secretaries, and the occasional Gal Friday - from Schultzie and Suzie McNamara to Toby Pedalbee and Pam Beesley, including the girls at Peggy Revere's secretarial school in Los Angeles and the young ladies of Type For You in London.

And even Mrs. H'Wiggins, despite any protests from Mr. Tudball.

Toby OB

'Love That Bob!'
'Private Secretary'
'Dream On'
'The Office' [pictured]
'As Time Goes By'
'The Carol Burnett Show'

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Terence Towles Canote said...

Personally, I prefer Secretaries Day myself, too. "Administrative Professionals" sound like it could apply to anyone from the clerks to the DMV to bank tellers, not what I think they had in mind!

Anyhow, I celebrated by watching The Beverly Hillbillies, featuring my favourite TV secretary, Jane Hathaway!