Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Richard Castle: 
So, why "Doogie Howser"? 
There's so many cooler doctors you could pick: 
Dr. House, Dr. Shepherd, Dr. Phil.....
Dr. Howser: 
Shut up.


When dealing with other TV dimensions, I don't worry so much about any possible Zonks that might be found there.  

Take this episode for example.  'Castle' has to take place in another TV dimension because the NYC Mayor is different from the one in Earth Prime-Time, who has to be the same one holding the office in Earth Prime, AKA "The Real World."  The mayor in Castle's world was an old friend of the writer, and black.  At the time, Mike Bloomberg was "Hizzoner", which was well established in shows like 'Law & Order', '30 Rock', and even a Muppets Christmas special.  And you'll note that he ain't black.

Henry Jefferson:
Well, don't complain to me about it.

Even after a new election and a new mayor was sworn in, it still didn't jibe with Earth Prime and Earth Prime-Time.  Bill DeBlasio landed the gig and as far as I have tallied so far, he's been mentioned as the Mayor in four TV series: 
  • 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'
  • 'Constantine'
  • 'The Mindy Project'
  • 'Girls'
However, there is an author by the name of Richard Castle in the main Toobworld as established in an episode of 'Missing'.  Could be the same guy, only with a different life path than the one seen on our TVs.  

But we do know there is a TV show in Earth Prime-Time called 'Castle' and the details are basically the same as what we see in the actual show.  It has been mentioned in the following shows:
  • 'Gates'
  • 'Last Man Standing'
  • '30 Rock'
  • 'Men At Work'
  • 'Red Band Society'
  • 'The Middle'
  • 'Mystery Girls'
  • 'The Mindy Project'
The televersion of that 'Castle' TV show might not be based on Richard Castle's real life but instead on books he's written in which his own fictionalized persona helps out the cops in solving cases.  (We have precedence for this in the real world.  Check out the books by Kinky Friedman.)

So that's why it doesn't bother me that in "Cops & Robbers", the four bank robbers use a stunt used over in the Cineverse in the movies "The Taking Of Pelham 1-2-3" and "Reservoir Dogs": thematically linked code names.  However, instead of using "colorful" names like "Mr. Pink" or "Blue", they donned surgical scrubs and masks and called each by TV doctor names:
  • Dr. Huxtable
  • Dr. Quinn
  • Dr. Howser
  • Trapper John
Splainin courtesy of the IMDb:
The bank robbers refer to each other as names from t.v. shows. Dr. Huxtable is from 'The Cosby Show', Dr. Howser is from 'Doogie Howser, MD', Dr. Quinn is from 'Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman', and 'Trapper John' is from 'M.A.S.H'. (as mentioned in the show.)

If the rest of the main Toobworld can make references to 'Castle', then it seems only fair play that 'Castle' should do the same.


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