Friday, January 1, 2016


First off, a big thanks to Caeric ArcLight for not only sharing this screencap, but also for introducing me to the TV series 'Wolfblood' which became my next Netflix marathon once I saw this episode.....


Within the reality of Toobworld, there is a TV show about the Doctor (funded by a shadowy organization I call "UNREEL" which uses it to provide plausible deniability for the Doctor's activities so that there wouldn't be widespread panic.)

A lot of it follows the events in the Doctor's life, and so that would include not only a TARDIS but also a sonic screwdriver. 

When Tom Okonawe called the futuristic hypodermic a sonic screwdriver in describing what happened to him, he was using a pop culture reference as short-hand.  It wasn't a real sonic screwdriver, but his friends Shannon Kelly and Maddy Smith would understand that it was futuristic.


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