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Donna Douglas ('The Beverly Hillbillies', 'The Twilight Zone')
Rod Taylor ('Bearcats!', 'Falcon Crest', 'The Oregon Trail', 'Hong Kong', 'Outlaws', 'Masquerade')
Taylor Negron ('Detective School', 'The Hughleys', 'So Little Time', 'Hope & Gloria')
Bob Magruder (narrator for 'Fairy Tail', 'Dallas')
Anita Ekberg ('Beauty Centre', the TV version of 'Casablanca', 'Private Secretary', but best known for "La Dolce Vita")

Anne Kirkbride (43 years on 'Coronation Street')
Faten Hamama (Arabian actress)
Don Harron ('Hee Haw', co-creator of 1955 Canadian TV musical based on "Anne Of Green Gables")
Geraldine McEwan ('Miss Marple', 'Mulberry', 'The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie')
Mary Healy ('Peter Loves Mary', 'Make Room For Daddy', "Miracle On 34th Street")
Lizabeth Scott ('Burke's Law', 'Adventures In Paradise', 'The Third Man')
Louis Jourdan ('Columbo', 'The F.B.I.', "The Count Of Monte Christo", "The Man In The Iron Mask")
Lorena Rojas ('Rosario', 'El Cuerpo del Deseo')
Movita Casteneda ('Knots Landing', Brando's second wife)
June Fairchild ('The Monkees')
Ben Woolf ('American Horror Story: Freakshow')
Alan Howard ('Cover', 'A Perfect Spy', 'Jute City', 'No Bananas')
Leonard Nimoy ('Star Trek', 'Mission Impossible', 'Fringe', 'In Search Of.....')
Daniel Von Bargen ('Seinfeld', 'Malcolm In The Middle')
Lynn Borden, ('Hazel')
Windell Middlebrooks ('Body of Proof', Miller High Life ads, 'The Suite Life Of Zach & Cody')
Gregory Walcott ('87th Precinct', 'Bonanza', 'Rawhide', 'Laramie', 'Murder, She Wrote')
Sally Forrest ('Climax!', 'The Red Skelton Hour', 'Family Affair', 'Rawhide', 'Front Row Center')
Julie Wilson ('The Young Doctors', 'Bilko', 'Monsters', "Rough Riders")
James Best ('The Dukes Of Hazzard', 'The Twilight Zone', 'Centennial', 'Bonanza', many westerns)
Geoffrey Lewis ('The X-Files', 'Salem's Lot', 'Centennial')
Richard Dysart ('L.A. Law')
Tom Towle ('NYPD Blue', 'Bakersfield, PD', 'Push, Nevada')
Judith Malina ('The Sopranos', "Over/Under", 'The Equalizer', 'Tribeca', 'ER')
Jonathan Crombie ('Anne Of Green Gables')
Ben Powers ('Good Times')
Robert Rietti ('The Prisoner', voice-over actor par excellence)
Peter Howell ('Emergency Ward 10', 'The Prisoner', "The File On Harry Jordan", 'Doctor Who')
Sawyer Sweetin ('Everybody Loves Raymond')
Jayne Meadows ('Medical Center', 'Meeting Of Minds', 'I've Got A Secret', 'To Tell The Truth', Steve Allen's widow)
Suzanne Crough ('The Partridge Family')
Besty Von Furstenberg (baroness, 'The Secret Storm', 'As The World Turns', 'Another World')
Ellen Albertini Dow (101!  'Seinfeld,' 'My Name Is Earl,' 'Scrubs' 'Six Feet Under' and 'The Golden Girls')
Nigel Terry ('Covington Cross', 'The Orchid House', 'Resort To Murder', 'The Time Of Your Life')
Elizabeth Wilson ('East Side/West Side', 'Doc', 'Morningstar/Eveningstar', 'Delta')
Audree Norton (first deaf actress on American TV - 'Mannix'.  plus 'Family Affair', 'Streets Of San Francisco', became deaf actors' advocate)
BB King (blues legend, 'New York Undercover', 'The Cosby Show', 'Sanford & Son', 'Cow And Chicken')
John Stephenson ('The People's Choice', 'Top Cat', 'The Flintstones')
Elias Gleizer ('Pe Na Jaca', 'Sinha Moca', 'Passione', 'India: A Love Story')
Claire Gordon
Anne Meara ('Kate O'Hara', 'Archie Bunker's Place', 'H:LOTS')
Renaldo Rey ('227', 'Sanford', 'The Royal Family', 'The Bernie Mac Show')
Richard Johnson ('MI-5', 'Doc Martin', 'The Robinsons', 'Magnum PI', 'The Member For Chelsea')
Mary Ellen Trainor ('Relativity', 'Roswell', 'Parker Lewis Can't Lose')
Christopher Lee ('Gormenghast', 'The New Adventures Of Robin Hood', 'Street Gear', 'The Tomorrow People', 'Saturday Night Live', 'The Avengers', 'Charlie's Angels', Horror king)
Ron Moody ('Nobody's Perfect', 'The Animals Of Farthing Wood', 'EastEnders', 'Hideaway')
Monica Lewis (voice of Chiquita Banana, 'Shotgun Slade', 'The Virginian', many guest roles)
Rick Ducommon ('The Last Precinct', 'Wayans Brothers', 'Max Headroom')
Laura Antonelli (Disperatamente Giulia, A Time of Indifference)
Phil Austin (Firesign Theatre, 'The Tick', "Barbra: The Concert")
Thomas Anthony Sydes (child actor, 'The Adventures Of Wild Bill HIckock', 'The Lone Ranger', 'Hopalong Cassidy')
Dick Van Patten ('Eight Is Enough', 'Mama', 'The New Dick Van Dyke Show', 'When Things Were Rotten')
Patrick Macnee ('The Avengers', 'Gavilan', 'Empire', 'Super Force', "The Return Of The Man From UNCLE: The Fifteen Years Later Affair", 'NightMan', 'Thunder In Paradise'')
Jack Carter ('The Ed Sullivan Show', 'The Adventures Of Ellery Queen', 'Batman', 'Monk')
George Winslow ('The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet', 'Dear Phoebe', 'Blondie')
Diana Douglas ('The Paper Chase', 'The West Wing', 'Naked City', Kirk's ex, Michael's mother)
Amanda Peterson ('Jack's Place', 'A Year In The Life', 'Boone')
Omar Sharif ('Petits mythes urbains', 'The Far Pavillions', 'L'isle Misterieuse', 'Gulliver's Travels', "Catherine The Great", "Peter The Great", "Anastasia")
Irwin Keyes ('The Jeffersons', 'On The Air', 'And You Know Who You Are')
Aubrey Morris ('The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy', 'Hot Metal', 'Babylon 5', 'Jamie', 'Touch And Go', 'Columbo', 'The Molly Wopsies')
Alex Rocco ('The Famous Teddy Z', 'Murphy Brown', 'Maron')
George Coe ('Saturday Night Live', 'Max Headroom', 'LA Law', 'The West Wing', 'Archer')
Olaf Pooley ('The Master', 'Gravelhanger', 'The Adventures Of Ben Gunn', 'Doctor Who', 'Star Trek: The Next Generation')
Theodore Bikel ('Johnny, You're Wanted', 'Murder, She Wrote', 'Star Trek: The Next Generation', 'Columbo', 'Ellery Queen', 'All In The Family')
Nova Pilbeam ("Prison Without Bars", "The Shining Hour", teenage actress in 2 early HItchcock movies)
Coleen Gray ('McCloud' 'Maverick', 'Rawhide', '77 Sunset Strip', 'Perry Mason')
George Cole ('Minder', 'New Tricks', 'Midsomer Murders')
Mark Sheeler ('Captain Z-Ro', 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents', 'The Adventures of Superman')
Stephen Lewis ('On The Buses', 'Last Of The Summer Wine')
Yvonne Craig ('Batman', 'Star Trek')
Melody Patterson ('F Troop', 'Hawaii Five-O')
Anna Kashfi ('Bronco', 'The Deputy', 'Adventures In Paradise', Brando's first wife)
Dean Jones ('The Love Bug' [TV series & movies], 'What's It All About, World?')
Judy Carne ('Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In', 'Love On A Rooftop', 'Fair Exchange')
Martin Milner ('Route 66', 5 shows as Pete Malloy - 'Adam 12', Dragnet plus)
Gerald S. O'Loughlin ('The Rookies', 'Our House', 'Automan')
John Connell ('Young Dr. Malone', 'Dark Shadows', 'Mr. Peepers', 'Captain Video')
Cheng Hui-Yu ('The Legend Of Bruce Lee')

Jack Larsen ('The Adventures Of Superman')
Catherine Coulson ('Twin Peaks' - The Log Lady)
Barbara Meek ('Archie Bunker's Place', 'Big Brother Jake', 'Melba')
Frank Albanese ('The Sopranos')
Joan Leslie ('Murder, She Wrote', 'Simon & Simon', 'Branded', 'Police Story', 'Charlie's Angels', several TV movies and early anthology shows)
Andrew Rubin ('Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman', 'Jessica Novak', 'Hometown', 'Joe Bash')
Alan Weeks ('Dallas', 'Baker's Dozen', 'Fame', 'Police Story', 'Hull High', 'Police Woman')
Bruce Hyde ('Star Trek', 'That Girl', 'Beverly Hillbillies')
Marty Ingels ('I'm Dickens, He's Fenster', 'The Phyllis Diller Show', 'Pac-Man')
Leon Bibb ('Channing', 'Mom P.I.')
Maureen O'Hara ("The Christmas Box", "The Red Pony", "Cab To Canada", "The Last Dance")
Dick Maugg (Ed Jaymes in the Bartles & Jaymes commercials)

Al Molinaro (Murray the Cop, 'The Odd Couple', Al 'Happy Days')
Gregg Palmer
Nathaniel Marston ('One Life To Live', 'Matt Waters', 'Blue Bloods', 'Castle')
Ritch Brinkley ('Murphy Brown', 'Saved By The Bell: The New Class', 'Dolly', 'Thunder Alley', 'Beauty And The Beast')
Betsy Drake ('Wanted: Dead Or Alive', 'General Electric Theater', former wife of Cary Grant)
Saeed Jaffrey ('The Far Pavillions', 'A Passage To India', 'The Jewel In The Crown')
Keith Michell ('The Six Wives of Henry VIII', 'Murder, She Wrote')
Robin Stewart ('Bless This House', 'Sons & Daughters', 'Welcher & Welcher')
Rex Reason ('Man Without A Gun', 'The Roaring 20's', 'Conflict')
David Canary ('All My Children', 'Bonanza')
Setsuko Hara ('Musume to watashi' - worked mostly in films)
Norbert Gastell (German voice for Homer Simpson)
Al Markim ('Tom Corbett, Space Cadet', 'Studio One' - "The Night America Trembled)
Anthony Valentine ('Raffles', 'Callan', 'Colditz', 'Codename', 'Justice', 'Coronation Street')
Robert Loggia ('T.H.E. Cat', 'Mancuso, FBI' & "Favorite Son", 'The Sopranos')
Melvin Williams (drug kingpin, 'The Wire')
Martin E. Brooks ('The Six Million Dollar Man', 'The Bionic Woman', 'Dallas', 'McMillan & Wife', 'Hunter')
Nicholas Smith ('Are You Being Served?')
Marjorie Lord ('Make Room For Daddy', 'Make Room For Grand-Daddy')
Bryony Brind ("The House Of Eliott", "The House On Oxford Street", "Unfinished Business")
Will MacMillan ('The West Wing', 'Hunter', 'Matlock', NYPD Blue')
Pat Brooker (Nanny Pat in 'The Only Way Is Essex')
Patricia Elliott ('One Life To Live')
Noboru Ando ('Shin Sanbiki no Samurai")
John Bottoms ('The Jeffersons', "The First Affair", "Parole")
Ken Pogue ('Adderly', 'Millennium', 'The Edison Twins', 'Red Widow', 'Rin Tin Tin: K9 Cop')
Elaine Riley ('Range Rider', 'The Lone Ranger', 'Hopalong Cassidy', 'The Adventures Of Superman')
Angela McEwan ('Getting On', 'Leaving Bliss', 'Parks & Recreation')
Zale Kessler ('My Olde Roommate', 'Murder, She Wrote', 'Alice', 'Lois & Clark', 'Night Court')
Carol Burns ('Prisoner: Cell Block H', 'Strike It Rich!', 'Queen Kat, Carmel, & St. Jude')
Fred J. Scollay ('Somerset', 'Law & Order', 'Armstrong Circle Theater')
Jason Wingreen ('Archie Bunker's Place', 'The Twilight Zone')
Wayne Rogers ('M*A*S*H', 'City Of Angels', 'House Calls', 'Murder, She Wrote')

Lance Percival ('Lance At Large', 'The Lance Percival Show', the Beatles cartoon show, 'Up The Workers', 'Bluebirds', "Yellow Submarine")
Joe Franklin, NYC TV legend, spoofed on 'Saturday Night Live'
Gary Owens ('Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In', Antenna TV announcer)
Eugene Patton ('The Gong Show')
Reverend Robert H. Schuller ('Hour Of Power' evangelist)
Lois LIlienstein ('Sharon, Lois, & Brahms')
Ben Wattenberg (PBS neoconservative)
Val Doonican ('The Val Doonican Show', 1965-86)
Loredana Nesci ('Loredana, Esq.' - former LA cop turned lawyer with her own reality show, killed by her boyfriend, was in high school with my sister)
Stuart Bagg ('The Apprentice' (UK), death to due asthma at 27)
Tony Lara (Captain in 'The Deadliest Catch')
Tobias Strebel ('Botched' - spent $100,000 to look like Justin Bieber)
Denise Lor ('The Garry Moore Show', 'The Mike Douglas Show')
Yogi Berra (legendary Yankee catcher, 'Bilko', 'The Honeymooners', 'Arli$$')
Mark & Debby Constantino (paranormal iinvestigators in murder/suicide)
Paul Prudhomme (New Orleans chef, many chat shows)
Erik Roner (MTV extreme sportsman)
Scott Marshall ('Ink Master' Season 4 winner)
Jim Perry ('Card Sharks', 'Sale Of The Century')
Meadowlark Lemon ('Hello, Larry', 'The Harlem Globetrotters')

Stuart Scott (ESPN anchor)
Stuart Loory (LA Times journalist who helped found CNN)
Sandy Socolow (CBS news executive during 1960s & 70s)
Bob Simon (CBS news reporter, most Emmy awards for any reporter)
Stan Chambers (six decades at KTLA)
Lisa Colagrossi (WABC reporter, died on assignment; 2 local news Emmy Awards in Miami)
Dr. George Fischbeck (KABC weatherman for decades)
Rodney Clark "Hot Rod" Hundley (voice of the Utah Jazz; called NBA games for CBS)
Richie Benaud (cricket commentator for BBC and Australia's Nine Network)
Steve Byrnes (NASCAR broadcaster for FOX, TNT, CBS)
Diane White Clatto (first full-time black television weathercaster in the country at KSD in St. Louis)
Ed Fouhy (executive at all three network news programs)
Sam Zelman (100! Created 45 minute news show at KNXT; helped create CNN)
Jacobo Zabludovsky (Mexican anchorman)
Marlene Sanders (Emmy winning writer & producer of documentaries, reporter at WABC & WCBS, first woman to be a fill-in anchor, mother of Jeffrey Toobin)
Frank Gifford ('Monday Night Football', also 'Hazel', 'Captain Kangaroo', 'The San Pedro Beach Bums', 'Coach', 'Psych', 'The Adventures of Pete & Pete')
Alison Parker
Adam Ward (WDBJ reporter [Parker] and photographer [Ward] shot dead while doing on air story by  a disgruntled employee of the TV station)
Vester Flanagan aka Bryce Williams (WDBJ reporter fired two years ago who murdered Parker and Ward.  Took his own life after cornered by the police.)
Gene Elston (Astros broadcaster 1962-1986, winner of the Ford Frick Award)
Gordon Honeycombe (ITN newsreader)
Hugh Scully (newsreader & 'Antiques Roadshow')
Dr. Jamie Zimmerman (ABC medical correspondent)
Ray Gandolf ('Our World', 'CBS Sunday Morning')
Robert Flick (West Coast producer, NBC News, coordinating producer, 'Entertainment Tonight' - survived the Jonestown massacre)

Tony Verna (came up with the concept of instant replay)
Kathryn Windfield ('The Bridge', 'The Killing', 'The Crown Princess')
Danny Schechter ('Who Rules America', 'America's Surveillance State')
Richard L. Bare ('Green Acres', 'The Twilight Zone')
Michael Blake ("Laughing Horse", wrote "Dances With Wolves")
Marty Passetta (17 Academy Awards show, Elvis satellite show)
Jane Aaron ('Sesame Street' film-maker)
Jack Gold ("The Naked Civil Servant", "Escape From Sobibor", "Goodnight, Mr. Tom", 'Kavanagh, QC', 'Inspector Morse' [last episode])
John Guillermin ('Aggie', 'Sailor Of Fortune', 'Your Favorite Story', "Towering Inferno")

Colleen McCullough ("The Thorn Birds")
Don Mankiewicz (created 'Ironside' & 'Marcus Welby, MD', 'Playhouse 90')
Ruth Rendell ('The Ruth Rendell Mysteries')
William Bast ('The Colbys', "The Man In The Iron Mask", "James Dean" - in which he was a character)
Ann Rule (true life crime novel writer whose books were adapted for TV)
David Nobbs ('The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin' & its sequels, 'The Two Ronnies')
Frank D. Gilroy ('Burke's Law', 'Texas John Slaughter', "The Subject Was Roses")
Henning Mankell (Swedish crime novelist, "Wallander" books led to two TV series - one Swedish, one British)
Jerome Kass ("Queen Of The Stardust Ballroom", "A Brand New Life", "The Only Way Out")
Melissa Mathison (nominated for "ET: The Extra-Terrestrial", wrote 1 segment of "Twilight Zone: The Movie")
James Prideaux ('Lincoln', 'The Secret Storm', "Mrs. Delafield Wants To Marry", "Laura Lansing Slept Here", "Lyndon Johnson", "The Man Upstairs")
Anthony Read ('Doctor Who' editor and writer)
George Clayton Johnson ('The Twilight Zone', 'Star Trek', 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents', 'Kung Fu')

Richard Rosenbloom ('Cagney & Lacey', "Scarlett", "Pioneer Woman")
Jerry Weintraub (movie producer but also for TV - 'The Karate Kid', 'The Brink', 'Westword', 'Szysznyk', several John Denver specials)
Joseph McMahon (associate producer, 'Deadliest Catch' - murdered)
Merv Adelson ('Dallas', 'The Waltons', 'Knot's Landing')

Clark Terry (trumpeter for 'Tonight' band)
Milton DeLugg (music director for 'Broadway Open House')
James Horner (composer 'Fish Police', 'CBS Evening News with Katie Couric')
Van Alexander (bandleader turned composer, 'Bewitched', 'I Dream Of Jeannie')
PF Sloan (composer, 'Secret Agent')

Terry Becker (actor - 'Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea', director - 'The Brady Bunch', 'M*A*S*H', 'Room 222')
Brian Clemens (producer and writer - 'The Avengers', 'The New Avengers', 'The Professionals')
Lesley Gore (singer/actress, 'Batman')

Harris Wittels (exec producer 'Parks & Recreation', writer 'Eastbound Down')
Harve Bennett (writer/producer of 'Star Trek' movies)
Dirk Shafer (actor - 'Will & Grace', self - "In The Life", gay Playgirl centerfold)
Sam Simon (writer/producer - 'The Simpsons')
Jenna McMahon (writer, creator of 'Mama's Family' & 'The Facts Of Life', comedienne)
Gene Saks (actor - 'Law & Order', "On Seventh Avenue", 'Mike Hammer', 'You Are There', director - "You Are There")
The Other Ray Charles (singer, composer, musical arranger - "Come And Kno On Our Door", Emmy Awards for "The First Nine Months Are The Hardest" & "The Funny Side", 'Your Hit Parade', 'Glenn Campbell Good-Time Hour', 'The Muppet Show')
Stan Freberg (writer, actor, performer, voice actor, puppeteer, commercial creator)
Jule Huffman ('Mr. Cartoon', WSAZ weatherman)
Betsy Palmer (actress - 'Knots Landing', herself - 'I've Got A Secret')
Jim Bailey (actor - 'Ally McBeal', himself - 'Switch')
Peggy Lynch (writer/producer/actor - 'Ethel And Albert', 'The Kate Smith Evening Hour')
"Rowdy" Roddy Piper (wrestler, actor - 'Zorro', 'Superboy', 'Highlander', 'Walker, Texas Ranger', 'The Outer Limits')
Cilla Black (singer, presenter - 'Surprise, Surprise', 'Blind Date', portrayed by Sheridan Smith in TV biopic "Cilla")
Lela Swift (producer/director)
Jackie Collins (author: 'Hollywood Wives', 'Lady Boss', 'Lucky Chances', actress: 'The Saint', 'Danger Man')
Kevin Corcoran (actor - Moochie of 'Mickey Mouse Club', many Disney films, producer/director - 'The Shield', 'Sons Of Anarchy', 'Scarecrow & Mrs. King')
Former Senator Fred Dalton Thompson (The Watergate Hearings, 'Wiseguy', TVXOHOF member for the 'Law & Order' franchise)
Colin Welland (writer - Oscar for "Chariots Of Fire", actor - 'Z Cars', 'Man At The Top', 'Cowboys')
Sam Sarpong, Jr. (personality & actor - 'LA Live The Show', 'Mr. Show With Bob & David', 'Boston Public', 'Bones')
Natalie Cole (singer - video performing with her father after he died, "Wizard Of Oz In Concert" & actress - 'I'll Fly Away', 'Touched By An Angel', 'Law & Order: SVU')

Governor Mario Cuomo (played himself in an episode of 'Tanner On Tanner')
Heather Hicks Ervin (executive with KoMut productions, worked on 'Will & Grace', 'Buzzy's')
Robert Kinoshita (production and art designer, designed Robbie the Robot and the 'Lost In Space' Robot)
Peggy Charren (leader of Children's Television Workshop)
Monty Oum (online animator)
Carl J. Rubino (lawyer during the 1950s quiz show scandal)

Patricia Norris (costume designer, 'The Waltons', 'Apple's Way', 'Twin Peaks', "Sybil")
Eddie Hice (stunt man - 'Star Trek', 'Bonanza')
Paul Goldhammer (camera and electrical department, 'In Gayle We Trust', 'The Sarah Silverman Show')
Rudolph Perz (creator of the Pillsbury Doughboy)
Bill Arhos (created 'Austin City Limits')
Vivian Nicholson (from poor to rich and back again life was chronicled in 'The Play Of The Day' - "Spend, Spend, Spend")
Andrew Lesnie (cinematographer 'House Of Fun', 'Wonder World!', Oscar winner for "Lord Of The Rings")
Joanne Carson (ex-wife of Johnny Carson)
Michael King (built the KingWorld syndication empire)
Vincent Bugliosi (Manson Family prosecutor, portrayed by George DiCenzo, Richard Crenna, Arliss Howard, and Bruno Kirby in several TV productions)
Ralph Roberts (cable tv pioneer who built Comcast)
Danny Villanueva (founder of Univision)
Joan Archer Aldrin (Buzz Aldrin's former wife, portrayed on TV by Shirley Knight ("Return To Earth", Maureen Mueller ("Apollo 11"), and Kelly Kerslake ("Moonshot")
Paul Goldenberg('King of Big Screen', TV sales king in Los Angeles)
Julian Bond (civil rights leader, hosted 'Saturday Night Live' once)
Bud Yorkin (producer/director - 'All In The Family', 'Sanford & Son', 'What's Happening?')
T.C. Williams (Make-up artist, won Emmy for "Son Of The Morning Star")
Joy Golden (Winner, 5 Clio Awards)
Warren Braren (a reformed smoker who helped trigger a congressional ban on tobacco advertising on television and radio in 1970 by blowing the whistle on broadcasters’ lax self-regulation)
Reverend Everett Parker (fought the blatant racism at NBC affiliate WBLT until it was overturned in 1969)
Derek Ware (stuntman for 'Doctor Who')
Pete Dougherty (creator of 'Yo! MTV Raps')
John Backe (led CBS back to the top in the 1970s)
Howard A Anderson (visual effects pioneer who created the 'Star Trek' transporter effect, also "Mission Impossible", "Get Smart", "The Untouchables", "The Fugitive")
George Barris (built the Batmobile for the 1966 'Batman' series)
Michael C. Gross (created the "Ghostbusters" logo, designed the most famous National Lampoon cover - If You Don't Buy This Magazine, We'll Kill This Dog)
Arthur R. Taylor (CBS President who sold Yankees to Steinbrenner)
Christie George (hairdresser whose favorite show to work on was 'Mannix')
Haskell Wexler (Oscar winning cinematographer, 'Big Love')
Louis DiGiamo (casting director, 'Homicide: Life On The Street', 'Movin' On', 'Night Heat')

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