Saturday, August 6, 2011


It's not too often that I'm ahead of the game when it comes to marking big occasions in TV history. And I really should do a better job of getting involved in those internet-wide blog-a-thons celebrating particular actors and actresses. (Like the one that recently passed in praise of Ida Lupino. I could have reworked my profile of her character Dr. Faustina from 'The Wild, Wild West'.)

But thanks to Lisa Mateas at "The Flaming Nose" blog (link to the left, Lucy-Loos!), I'm ready for today's tribute to Lucille Ball, in typical Toobworld tradition, on the anniversary of her birth.

Today, Lucille Ball would have been 100 years old!

Back in 2000, the first four inductees into the TV Crossover Hall Of Fame for that year were all Lucy - Lucy Ricardo, Lucy Carmichael, Lucille Carter, and Lucille Ball herself. Just about every inductee that year was a woman (with two exceptions - Captain Kangaroo & Dick Clark) and there is still no one more deserving to be at the head of that gender pack as a pioneer in the field, both on camera and off.

This is also the month during which, by Toobworld tradition, we celebrate the TV Western. And this year our spotlight is on 'The Rifleman'. I searched all over the internet for a picture of Chuck Connors, the star of 'The Rifleman', in an episode of 'Here's Lucy', as it would be the perfect blend for today.  (Because I want to keep the tributes special, this will be the only 'Rifleman' content for today.)  And as I expected, it was a fellow Iddiot of the Idiot's Delight Digest who came to my aid......
Thanks, Ray!  I tip my Stetson to you.*

So I hope you enjoy the entries for today in celebration of Ms. Ball.......


* "Stetsons are cool." - The Doctor, 'Doctor Who'


PDXWiz said...

I miss Lucy. I loved her in I Love Lucy, and the third Lucy show (not the one with Vivian Vance, I've not seen any episodes of that), and the Life With Lucy series (she was great with Gale Gordon, but the writing and directing and probably the casting too were all mishandled by the network, who also put it up against something to get clobbered with...grr...), and The Long, Long Trailer film.

Thanks for remembering her. She was truly worth it. I wish I had seen some of her other films (I did see Stone Pillow, and boy, that was an emotional wringer for me!) and heard her radio work.

Gordon Long

Anonymous said...

You really were ahead of the game! Thanks for the postings for the blogathon.
-Carrie, True Classics