Monday, August 1, 2011


To kick off our TV Western salute, we've got video of the legendary gunman Black Bart in "action"......

Last year we featured Black Bart, but he turned out to be an escape from a mental asylum in Colorado - as seen in 'Maverick'. The Black Bart seen in 'Stories Of The Century' (which was featured the year before) was more of a fabrication based on the stories dreamed up by a Texas Ranger who inserted himself into the legends of every outlaw in the Wild Wild West.

As for this guy? I'd say he's Black Bart... but the Black Bart from that same TV dimension that houses comical versions of real life Presidents - like those seen in 'That's My Bush!' and 'The Secret Files of Desmond Pfeiffer'.

Just an idea I'm throwin' out there......

A big thanks to Mick Clews and the British Phil Silvers Appreciation Society!


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