Sunday, January 9, 2011


When the British soap opera 'Coronation Street' celebrated its fiftieth anniversary back in December, 'EastEnders' slipped in a sly little tip of the hat to their rivals.....

Of course, this is a Zonk, pure and simple, and I'm at a loss as to how to splain it away since I'm not familiar with either show.

I do know that "Corrie" is recognized just about everywhere as being the nickname for that venerable show. But has it been used in other shows as such or would they always refer to it as 'Coronation Street'? Because I'm thinking that in Toobworld, "Corrie" could have a different meaning, that it could be a different TV show that Dot watches religiously.

What kind of show? I don't know; I think I'd have to know more about Dot - her personality, her interests, etc. - to get a handle on what type of show she might otherwise watch. For alls I know, it's a reference to a cartoon series about one of the Queen's pet corgis. "Corrie the Corgi!"

No? Yeah, I didn't think so, but it was worth a shot.

Maybe Corrie is the name of the title character in some other show - a sitcom perhaps about a Mary Richards kind of gal. Maybe what we're hearing isn't meant to be spelled "Corrie" at all. Maybe it's a talk show hosted by somebody named Corey?

Luckily, nothing was said about characters, plotlines, the setting for the show; that would only seal the deal that Kat and Dot were discussing 'Coronation Street'. So I'm thankful for that; we get a bit of wiggle room there.

So I'll throw it open to Team Toobworld. What might make for a convincing splainin as to what 'Corrie' might otherwise be so that it isn't a Zonk about 'Coronation Street'?

As Ray William Johnson would say, leave your interesting comments and splainins in the comment section BELOW.....


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