Thursday, March 4, 2010


So I'm hanging out today at my buddy Michael's apartment, watching an episode of 'Jake 2.0' on Syfy. I explained the premise to Mikey and his first question was about the extent of the nanobot infestation of Jake's body. As the scene on TV was of a romantic nature, I'm assuming that he was referring to Jake's "boys" swimming around down in their holding cell.....

It reminded me of a very funny essay by Larry Niven, "
Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex". I have to say that it's the height of comic book geekiness.
With Jake Foley, I think the same problem would apply. Any woman whom Jake wanted to have sex with would have to get NSA clearance.

JAKE: Diane, I have millions of microscopic robots running around inside of me. Please tell me what the next step in this relationship is, because I have no clue. I mean, the best I can hope for is that I don't lie to her, because she can never know the real me. Nobody can ever know the real me. Nobody ... except you.

And it would have to be performed under clinical conditions, to make sure she never got pregnant. Would an individual born with superhuman abilities lose their right to be their own person? Would the government confiscate such a baby?

It seems like the kind of topic 'The Prisoner' might have tackled.....
I'm surprised the government never insisted on Jake getting a vasectomy. Chances are though that the nanites would only repair the damage.......


Sorry, folks. I run a fairly clean ship here. That's all of the 'Smallville' slash-fic picture you're going to see here....

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