Monday, March 1, 2010


Jean Marsh is bringing her character of Rose from 'Upstairs, Downstairs' back to Television, and she'll be brought forward in Time!
Well, not that far forward....

'Upstairs, Downstairs' will be brought back to PBS in a co-production with the BBC. But this time the series will be set in 1936 to account for some of the passage of Time, as evidenced in the age of the characters. (But it's not enough. The series ended in 1975 with the dawn of the Great Depression after the stock market crash. Thirty-five years later? It should then be 1965 at the Bellamy household! I think that would have made for a much more interesting storyline with Rose and the Bellamys....)

Aside from Rose, I have no clue if any of the other original characters will be back - and if so, would they be recast. Several of the actors have passed away, including Gordon Jackson and Angela Baddeley. And especially with those two, they were so identified with their roles (Hudson and Mrs. Bridges, respectively) that it is inconceivable that anybody else could be playing the roles. (Eileen Atkins, who co-created the series, may be playing a role this time.)

It's going to be set in the same house, which is fine. But if I had my druthers, I'd avoid the recasting problem by having 165 Eaton Place occupied by a new family.

Just sayin', is all....


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