Monday, May 12, 2008


In Vacaville, near San Francisco, Walter Witthoef found a pit bull in the engine bay of his F-150. Somehow it got stuck inside the engine compartment with its head poking up behind the motor. To pass the time, the dog started chewing the fuel lines, distributor wires, some hoses, and whatever else was in range of its mouth.

Witthoef called Animal Services who were able to free the pit bull and reunite it with its owners the next day.

Big deal!

Over in Europe, it might not be uncommon to find old professors munching on fast food burgers under the hood and resting on the engines.

Yet another example as to why Toobworld is a world of fantasy.

(That image is from a McDonald's commercial, part of the "No Big Deal" campaign.)

Toby OB

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