Monday, May 12, 2008


I have no choice but to admit that I'm the wrong age for 'Yo Gabba Gabba' on Nick, Jr.. (But then, college kids are also in the wrong age group for this show, and yet it's really popular especially with the stoners.)

I finally checked out a segment of the show, thanks to New York Newsday's TV Zone blog. It was a dance party number extolling the fun in eating all your vegetables.

Everybody was so happy to be swallowed whole by the monster. And all of them laughed and sang as they floated in the juices of the monster's stomach.

Party in my tummy, my ass!

Sure, maybe little kids are too young to grasp the concept of the whole digestive system, but they shouldn't be deluded into thinking that the stomach is an indoor pool. Those fluids are at work, breaking down the veggies, the chicken leg, and the cheese slice to absorb their components. (That cheese slice would be the first to go!)
That clip should be played with new vocals. Instead of laughing and singing as they swim in the digestive bile, we should hear the veggies and chicken screaming in horror as the corrosive liquids burn away their flesh. (Those smiley faces they bear could just as well be painful grimaces of despair.)

You're never too young for allegories about the Holocaust!

Yeah, I know. I read way too much into what I see on TV. But hey! If I didn't, you wouldn't have this site to visit.

Toby OB

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