Thursday, May 15, 2008


Cartoon Network has two puppets working now in a series of interstitials designed to not only promote the network, but also upcoming movie studio projects.

Jib and Crash will be seen during Cartoon Network commercial breaks on the sets of various movies, where they will be interviewing the stars. I think they may even show up to do some red carpet interviews as well. (Apparently, Jib and Crash work on studio lots with a food services wagon, which provides them the access to the stars.

As was established with the Muppets - whom I should include in "The Essentials"! - puppets are alive and they interact with humans in Toobworld. The reason why we don't see them more often - in shows like 'CSI', 'Law & Order', or 'EastEnders' - is because of human prejudice against puppets, which keeps them sidelined in their own versions of Chinatown like 'Sesame Street'. You'll find them on the Living Island of 'HR Pufnstuf', but not on the living Island of 'Lost'. Apparently puppets are not allowed to fly on Oceanic Airways flights.)

So far, Jib and Crash have introduced a 90 second sneak peek of "Speed Racer" before its May 9th opening, which was followed by several shorter spots of them promoting the "Speed Racer" trailer. Coming up next will be reports on "Kung Fu Panda" during the week of May 26, in which they will interview the movie's star, Jack Black, prior to its opening on my birthday.

I'm wondering if Jib and Crash will only be trotted out for movies that have an animation connection? "Kung Fu Panda" is a CG animation movie from Dreamworks, while "Speed Racer" is a live-action revisioning of the classic sixties anime series.

Toby OB

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