Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Finally got around to watching the second episode of 'Breaking Bad'....

I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I'll continue watching it, and I think it will be lost forever if the strike is settled and my regular line-up of shows all return.
I'll be taking 'Breaking Bad' on a week by week basis.

In the meantime, the second episode featured a prop link that showed up often on 'Journeyman'. A quick check at Wikipedia showed that it has been seen in quite a handful of recent series. Like Morley Cigarettes previously, it goes a long way towards fusing those shows together.

Finder-Spyder, the computer search engine was used by teacher and meth "cook" Walt White's wife Skyler. She easily looked up info on the young man who was making strange calls to her husband.

But it also appeared in these other TV series:

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation:
Finder-Spyder is used in the episode "Time of Your Death."


Hidden Palms:
Finder-Spyder is used in the episode "Party Hardy."

Journeyman: Dan Vasser (played by Kevin McKidd) frequently uses Finder-Spyder.
It appears in the episode "A Love of a Lifetime," "The Year of the Rabbit," and "The Legend of Dylan McCleen."

Finder-Spyder is used in the episode "12:04 AM."

Prison Break:
Finder-Spyder is used in the "Pilot" episode and "Dirt Nap."

Without a Trace
Of them all, 'Prison Break' is the only one which does not take place on Earth Prime-Time, because of its discrepancy as to who occupies the White House.

Toby OB

[Thanks to Wikipedia for the info and images.]


Anonymous said...

I think the use of Finder Syder in it's variations on tv is analgous to the "555-####" phone prefix used by tv and movies for many years... I hope that it takes off more, just to see how far these shows will take it.. -Jeff K.

Jan said...

And now here is the real thing...


Life imitating art?

Toby O'B said...

Thanks, Jan! I'll have to write that up for its own post and of course give you full props for pointing it out!