Monday, February 4, 2008


Charlotte "Chuck" Charles grew up in Couer de Couers and died during an ocean cruise. She is currently residing in the big city of Papen County.

If the combination of those two sentences didn't make sense to you, then you weren't watching 'Pushing Daisies' when it premiered.

Chuck Charles may have been from Papen County, but her soul goes farther back in Time and Space.

No, not by way of the Doctor!

Young Sioned lived in the village of Gwytherin in Wales back in the 1130s. This is from where the bones of St. Winifred were translated to take up their permanent residence at Shrewsbury Abby.
With her lover and future husband Godwin, I believe Sioned was the mother of the family tree that eventually bore fruit in Chuck Charles.

Not only that, it seems apparent that Sioned's features were echoed and reborn in Chuck even after all those centuries. (The fact that Anna Friel played both roles buttresses that argument.)

Whether that could also lead to the soul of Sioned being reborn into the body of Chuck, I'm going to let it slide for now.....

Toby OB

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