Friday, February 8, 2008


Let's say there's an awards show for the Super Bowl commercials. One of the categories should be Best Cameo by an SNL Player.
Andy Samberg would definitely win. It was a funny and unexpected cameo in the Pepsi commercial starring Justin Timberlake (who collaborated with Samberg on the "Dick In The Box" music video for 'Saturday Night Live'). And he got a nice close-up for his troubles.

As for Chris Kattan in the Diet Pepsi Max blipvert (O'Bviously both ads were the brainchild of some 'SNL' fan)..... I'm a big fan of Kattan from his days on the show, but honestly, I had to be told in some blog that he was in the ad! I never made the connection that it had to be him and that he was fed up with the over-use of the song that underscored his best-known character on the show. I just figured that it was some guy who, like me, is sick of the song's extended shelf life.
What he needed was a good close-up to establish his identity.

Toby OB

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