Friday, November 10, 2006


So many episodes of 'Doctor Who' to catch up on!

I just finished watching 'Time-Flight", one of the adventures for the Fifth Incarnation of the Doctor. What surprised me about the episode was that I didn't recognize actor Richard Easton as Captain Stapley. I've only become familiar with his work in the last few years. It's hard to believe so many years have passed between that episode and now....

At any rate, I just had one minor note of interest about "Time-Flight" when it comes to Toobworld trivia....

During this adventure, the Doctor first met the Navigator, Roger Scobie. But it was not the first time he met a member of the Scobie family. In the first adventure for the Third Incarnation of the Doctor, "Spearhead From Space", the Time Lord dealt with Major General Scobie.

Major General Scobie didn't look to be the type to marry and raise a family; he was married to the military. So I don't think Roger Scobie was his son. Rather, I think Roger Scobie could call the Major General "Uncle".

That's my theory, at any rate. And there's nothing I can see that says "boo" to it. Especially since both men are still in the same dimension. (The adventures of the Doctor did not transfer to a different dimension for our viewing pleasures until some time between the Eighth Doctor and the Ninth.)


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