Monday, November 6, 2006


Veteran actor William Franklyn has died at the age of 81. His 50-year career encompassed TV, radio, film and stage, appearing in episodes of 'The Avengers' and 'The Scarlet Pimpernel' among many others. He also appeared in television shows such as 'Top Secret' (in which he was secret agent Peter Dallas), 'Splitting Heirs' and 'Ooh, You Are Awful'. (I love that title!)

But for all of that, he is best known as the voice of the "Schhh... You Know Who" Schweppes commercials. Not that I'm saying there's anything wrong with that. Blipvert immortality worked out great for Jesse White, Dick Wilson, and Jane Withers. We should all be so lucky to live on in the memories of strangers in such a way.

It was during the 1960s that Franklyn landed the role in the adverts for Schweppes tonic. He appeared on screen in 10 of the commercials between 1965 and 1973, and voiced 40.

In 2004 he took over from the late Peter Jones as the voice of the Book on Radio 4's 'The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy'. The Radio Universe is the original home for the HHG2TG, and this casting change doesn't need to apply to the TV version. However, an easy splainin can be found - the Book has simply been updated since the edition featuring Peter Jones' voice.

"The Steam Video Company" (1983) TV Series .... Various
"Masterspy" (1978) TV Series .... Host
"Paradise Island" (1977) TV Series .... Cuthbert Fullworthy
"What's on Next?" (1976) TV Series .... Various (1976-1978)
"Whodunnit!" (1972) TV Series .... Voiceover
"No Cloak - No Dagger" (1963) TV Series .... Ian Lambart
"Top Secret" (1961) TV Series .... Peter Dallas
"No Wreath for the General" (1960) TV Series .... Dr. Roger Kenyon

"G.B.H." (1991) (mini) TV Series .... Distinguished gent
"Curtain of Fear" (1964) (mini) TV Series .... Hans Liebert

London Suite (1996) (TV) (uncredited) .... Widley
Diana: Her True Story (1993) (TV)
The Legend of Young Dick Turpin (1965) (TV) .... Tom King
Quatermass 2 (1957) .... Dr. Brand

"The Courtroom"
- Dead in the Water (2004) TV Episode .... Judge Matthew Johnson
- A Second Chance (2001) TV Episode .... Hugo Stephenson
"French and Saunders"
- Witless Silence (1999) TV Episode
- Guns and Roses (1994) TV Episode .... Burgess
"The New Avengers"
- Hostage (1977) TV Episode .... McKay
"Doctor in Charge"
- That's My Uncle! (1972) TV Episode .... Jeremy de Quincy
"The Champions"
- The Gun-Runners (1969) TV Episode .... Hartington
"The Avengers"
- Killer (1968) TV Episode .... Brinstead
- Silent Dust (1966) TV Episode .... Peter Omrod
"Thirty-Minute Theatre"
- Something to Hide: The First Floor (1968) TV Episode .... Roy Haines
"The Baron"
- The Edge of Fear (1967) TV Episode .... Kent Jordon

"The Troubleshooters"
- The Bigger They Are (1966) TV Episode .... Michael Rennane
"Public Eye"
- You're Not Cinderella, Are You? (1966) TV Episode .... Kurt Heller
- The Countess (1962) TV Episode
"International Detective"
- The Washington Case (1961) TV Episode .... Larry Sullivan
- The Bismarck Case (1960) TV Episode .... Conrad Schneider
"No Hiding Place"
- The Last Flight of the Eel (1960) TV Episode .... Paul Kendon
- Everybody Loves Jerry (1959) TV Episode
"Interpol Calling"
- Slow Boat to Amsterdam (1960) TV Episode .... Nevil
"The Flying Doctor"
- Time Bomb (1959) TV Episode .... Murphy
"Dick and the Duchess"
- The Club (1957) TV Episode .... Elegant Harry
"The Adventures of Sir Lancelot"
- The Mortaise Fair (1957) TV Episode .... Baron Mortaise
"Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Presents"
- The Ludlow Affair (1957) TV Episode .... Roger Benning
- The Way Home (1956) TV Episode .... Stanley
- A Likely Story (1956) TV Episode .... David Butler
"The New Adventures of Charlie Chan"
- Backfire (1957) TV Episode .... Richard Dawson
- The Death of a Don (1957) TV Episode .... Jack Pearson
"Lilli Palmer Theatre"
- Bride Wore an Opal Ring (1956) TV Episode .... Ted Harvey
"The Count of Monte Cristo"
- Burgundy (1956) TV Episode .... Phillipe
- The Carbonari (1956) TV Episode .... Du Broc
"The Scarlet Pimpernel"
- The Ambassador's Lady (1956) TV Episode .... Jacques Fleury
- Something Remembered (1956) TV Episode .... Jacques Fleury
"TV Playhouse"
- Mid Level (1955) TV Episode .... Bluey

"This Is Your Life"
- William Franklyn (1978) TV Episode .... Himself


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