Friday, November 10, 2006


From Brent McKee:

For those of you who get Turner Classic Movies, they’ve been showing the Kirk Allyn Superman serial from 1948 on Saturday mornings just before their Cartoon Alley show (one of the only place on TV where you can see classic Warner Brothers and MGM animation on an actual TV without shelling out for DVDs). TCM will wind up the 1948 serial next Saturday (November 11) and then start Atom Man vs. Superman (featuring the only appearance of the Lex Luthor character in either the live action movies or TV until the 1978 movie) the week after.

Months ago I posted some ideas about who could have played classic Superman villains on the TV series. I'm sticking with my idea of RG Armstrong as Luthor.....

So this Saturday, at 10 am EST, TCM will wind up the current serial with Chapters 11 through 15:

"Superman's Dilemma"
"Blast In The Depths"
"Hurled To Destruction"
"Superman At Bay"
"The Payoff"

Then at 11:30, it's 'Cartoon Alley' with some early Bugs, 1940-41:

A Wild Hare (1940), Elmer's Pet Rabbit (1941) and Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt (1941).

Thanks for the head's up, Brent! (You can find the link to Brent's website there to the left: "I Am A Child Of Television".)


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Brent McKee said...

Just one thing, it's Brent not Brett. Like the youngest of the original "Mavericks" not the oldest.