Wednesday, November 8, 2006


US actress Adrienne Shelly, best known for her roles in the Hal Hartley films "The Unbelievable Truth" and "Trust", has been found dead in her New York office. The 40-year-old was discovered by her husband Andy Ostroy on Wednesday night, according to her agent Rachel Sheedy.

Ostroy found her hanging in the shower of her office, and everyone jumped to the conclusion that she hanged herself... even though she was a new mother, and had a movie which she directed soon to debut.

Maybe I had seen too many 'Murder, She Wrote' episodes - especially one with Buddy Hackett and Steve Lawrence, - but the first thought that came to me was that it was murder. Of course, I - like the police who grilled him for five hours - at first suspected the husband.

A teenage construction worker has been charged with the murder of US actress Adrienne Shelly. A footprint found in her Manhattan home led police to 19-year-old Diego Pillco, originally from Ecuador.

You know that this will be the stuff from which quickie episodes of 'Law & Order' sprout. Of course, they'll put their own little twist to the tale; for alls I know, in their version, it will be the husband.

Or perhaps, the financial backer of the movie.....


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Brent McKee said...

Gil Grissom would have solved this case - on his own - in under an hour so that he could get away to be with Sara. Mac Taylor and half his team would take an hour. It would be a season long mystery for Horatio Caine, even though Calliegh Duquesne could warp it up in twenty minutes if she weren't saddled with the men in Miami.