Friday, November 4, 2005


After watching last Tuesday's episode of 'Close To Home' - in which sibling lovers murdered and buried their parents - I thought it needed just one more scene as its coda.

In the one that was presented, Jennifer Finnigan was comforting the uncle (an interesting performance by Jeff Perry) by advising him to remember the happier past of his brother's family. And then she handed off the photo album and the 2004 Christmas video that had been held as evidence; to be used as the tools to access those memories.

But it it was me, I'd have shown Annabeth Chase (Aaaah, Jennifer Finnigan!) soothing her cranky, runny-nosed, baby daughter who was cutting a tooth.... and have her wonder if this little angel could grow up to put bullets in her head and chest, execution-style, just as the sweet-sixteen honor roll student had done to her parents.

It's a dark little moment like that which could be found in a lot of the episodes from David E. Kelley's 'Picket Fences'.

Jerry Bruckheimer's team for this show are doing a nice job of taking suburban domesticity and showing its dark underside. But the juxtaposition with the seeming normalcy of Annabeth's home life (and the personal lives of her co-workers, which are being revealed slowly) should be more blended to better show the contrast... or lack thereof.

The show is called 'Close To Home' after all, and the writers should drive that point - um... home.

Oh, and toss me a bone, huh, guys? Try to get Fyvush Finkel to appear on the show as Douglas Wambaugh while he's still with us!



"So then I said,
'Hey, you can't touch me there! You're my uncle!'
Aaah, family...."
Marni Fliss

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