Thursday, November 3, 2005


A few years after being fired from 'Saturday Night Live', Charles Rocket got another high profile role in Toobworld - as David Addison's brother Richard in an episode of 'Moonlighting'. At least for my part, I thought he did a pretty good job. I can even remember the quote by Bruce Willis as the two of them got down and dirty with some sibling rivalry rough-housing:

"I'm gonna make you eat dirt! I'm gonna make you eat worms!
Maddie! Go get me some dirt and worms!"

Since family ties can be one of the best ways to flesh out a regular character in a TV series, Richard Addison was brought back several times over the next four years:

in episode: 'Brother, Can You Spare a Blonde?' (episode # 2.1) 24 September 1985
in episode: 'The Son Also Rises' (episode # 3.1) 23 September 1986
in episode: 'It's a Wonderful Job' (episode # 3.8) 16 December 1986
in episode: 'The Straight Poop' (episode # 3.9) 6 January 1987 [uncredited archival footage]
in episode: 'A Trip to the Moon' (episode # 4.1) 29 September 1987
in episode: 'Maddie Hayes Got Married' (episode # 4.12) 1 March 1988
in episode: 'Those Lips, Those Lies' (episode # 5.8) 2 April 1989

Richard appears to have been some kind of a scam artist. It's possible that he may have used an alias during his "career". And to keep things simple and easy to remember, perhaps he used a name similar to his own.....

'Cybill' playing 'Charlie' in episode: 'Cybill in the Morning' (episode # 4.23) 6 July 1998

When Cybill got a job hosting a popular morning talk show, she found herself both sexually attracted to and morally repulsed by her deceitful new producer.

Using this alias of "Charlie Addison, Richard was probably just as attracted to her - especially since she so "eerily" resembled his brother David's partner in the detective agency, Maddie Hayes.

'Cybill' playing 'Charlie Addison' in episode: 'Ka-Boom!' (episode # 4.24) 13 July 1998

But when Cybill and her new morning show producer finally revealed their mutual attraction for each other, that's when the show got cancelled.

[It's one of the unmutual laws of Toobworld - when characters become involved in relationships with each other, the show suffers. And that applies to TV shows within the reality of Toobworld as well.]

So if Richard Addison was also Charlie Addison, then why can't he have first used that alias in Providence, Rhode Island?

'Doctor Doctor' playing 'Charles' in episode: 'The Terminator' (episode # 3.5) 25 October 1990

"Charles" was Leona's assistant and everybody hated him. Sounds like Richard! Mike was supposed to fire him, but Charles got in on Richard's good side (as one Dick to another) to prevent that from happening.

A typical weasel move. Richard Addison probably first met Navarone the drug dealer there in Providence. It does have a reputation for its mob connections after all. And he was probably trying to ingratiate himself into the clinic to have easy access to their drug supply........

For me, the theory works. And as such, Richard Addison could one day gain entry into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame in the Birthday Honors.

And that would serve as my small memorial to Charles Rocket's contributions to Toobworld.


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