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It must be something in the stars: some kind of alignment.

Just last week, the November inductee for the Crossover Hall of Fame appeared on 'The King of Queens'. He's a celebrity skilled in the art of being himself - no matter how cartoonish his behavior.

Adam West.

And in keeping with my mantra of "What I Say, Goes" during this year-long celebration of my fiftieth birthday, Adam West is being inducted twice upon a time. Because we're talking about TWO different Adam Wests; one from Earth Prime-Time and one from the Tooniverse.

It has been tradition for nearly every year of the Hall of Fame that the November inductee should be somehow connected to politics. And this year it's no different - even though Adam West seems better suited to being the representative from the League of Themselves.

But over in the Tooniverse, Adam West serves as the Mayor of Quahog, Rhode Island, as seen on 'Family Guy'. It can't be too arduous a task; certainly not cursed as is the case for the mayors of Rome, Wisconsin. ('Picket Fences') My reasoning for the job being less than time-consuming is that the cartoon Adam West has been spotted elsewhere when he should have been serving his Quahog constituency.

For instance, Mr. West showed up one state away in Kent, Connecticut, where 'Johnny Bravo' found the former TV crime-fighter doing what he does best - thrashing evil-doers. And in Springfield, (the Springfield located in the state of -# Hey! Look over there! Woops. It's gone now. Ahem.....), Adam West made a guest apppearance at a trade show where he scared 'The Simpsons' with his all-too fervent reminiscences about his crime-fightin' career.

It appears that Mr. West's life in the Tooniverse also had him cast as the lead in yet another TV series about a costumed crime-fighter, "Catman", as was revealed to Timmy Turner and his 'Fairly Odd Parents'.

Meanwhile, back in the stately main Toobworld.....

As we saw in last week's episode of 'The King Of Queens', the flesh and blood (rather than the pen and ink) Adam West found that his fame as a former TV superhero affected the people who met him.

When Spence asked Mr. West to accompany him to a geekfest sci-fi convention, after already asking neighbor Lou Ferrigno, the former star of 'Batman' took umbrage.

Adam West: If you ran into Bill Shatner this morning, would you have dumped me too?
Spence: I want to say "no," but I'm so weak.
Adam West: This is why me, Lou, Bill, and Lee Majors look out for each other. To protect ourselves from pasty-faced opportunists such as yourself.

That gig as a former super-hero affects me as well, since it creates a huge bat-Zonk! to deal with. I mean, just look at the references in that line of dialogue - it's a Zonk! minefield!

The 1960s 'Batman', also known as Bruce Wayne, can be found in the same plane of existence as Adam West.

I've gotta figure that a TV show about 'Batman' starring Adam West within the framework of some other TV show never once mentioned that Batman was also Bruce Wayne. (It does seem that whenever characters in TV shows meet Adam West, they always refer to the role of 'Batman', never to that of 'Bruce Wayne'.)

So that inner-Toobworld 'Batman' was probably just a cash-in on the news-making exploits of the "real" Batman without a clue as to who he was beneath the cowl. The fact that Adam West was cast when he looked like the spitting image of Bruce Wayne was just a coincidental fluke; and Toobworld is full of those.

Here's a rundown of Adam West's appearances as himself in Earth Prime-Time:

'The King Of Queens'
"Shear Torture"
Originally aired: Monday October 24, 2005 on CBS
Spence has his own adventures en route to a sci-fi convention.

"Jail (1)"
Jimmy is arrested, accused of being legendary hijacker D.B. Cooper.
"The Lam (2)"
Jimmy hides out at Dave's parents home while the Feds scour the country for him.
"Clash of the Titans (3)"
Jimmy is exonerated when a remorseful Adam West confesses to the crime.

Nov 1998

'Murphy Brown'
"Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow"
(episode # 9.22) 5 May 1997
Stuart Best is dubbed a hero at a fire. Murphy's probing questions lead the authorities to think he may have actually set the fire.

'The Wayans Bros.'
"The Black Widower"
(episode # 3.20) 30 April 1997
The boys fear it's a match made in hell after introducing a lonely Grandma to Fred, a smooth-talking diner regular who they later believe is a wanted murderer known as "The Black Widower."

"Spies Like Us"
(episode # 1.2) 10 March 1997
Pauly believes Dawn is having an affair with the handyman, not only that he also thinks she wants them dead.

"A Girl's Gotta Hang with a Celebrity"
(episode # 1.11)
Jenny and Maggie really start living when they meet a famous actress in a dance club.

'Weird Science'
"Strangers in Paradise"
(episode # 4.26) 10 August 1996
Lisa grants Chett a wish - to be stranded on a deserted island. Gary and Wyatt try to rescue the two, but have trouble when facing their nemesis - Adam West.

'The Good Life'
"John Hurts His Leg or Tales from the Crip"
(episode # 1.4) 18 January 1994
Adam West (Voice of Himself)
John breaks his leg coaching a T-ball game.

'The Ben Stiller Show'
(episode # 1.5) 1 November 1992

'Our Time'
(episode # 1.1) 27 July 1985

(True, they're both comedy/variety/sketch shows, but I found them to be off-beat enough to be included.)

And here I thought the TV Crossover Hall of Fame only celebrated the West in July.......


[Thanks to TV.com & epguides.com]

"Because Life is too short to watch crap....."
Adam West
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