Thursday, November 3, 2005


Did you ever notice the vanity card at the end of every episode of 'The Dead Zone', for the production company of Michael Sean Piller? It showed what looked to be an "ancient" Pong screen and voices heard arguing:

"You're grounded."

Probably about five seconds long and it summed up everything you needed to know about the dynamics of this partnership; you could tell they were father and son.

It's that type of quick creativity that set Michael Piller's productions apart from other series in the same genres. In fact, his creation of 'Deep Space Nine' made that spin-off the best of all the shows in the 'Star Trek' franchise. And I know I'm not alone in making the call.

Mr. Piller died at his Los Angeles home at the age of 57. He had been suffering from head and neck cancer.

He created Ensign Ro, one of the most interesting characters in all of Trek's pantheon. Ro Laren proved to be so fascinating, she served as the springboard for the creation of an entire culture - that of the Bajorans, - which led to 'Deep Space Nine'.

Among his credits as writer, producer, and/or creator are:

'Wildfire' (2005)
'The Dead Zone' (2002)
~Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion~ (1999)
"Star Trek: Insurrection" (1998)
'Legend' (1995)
'Star Trek: Voyager' (1995)
'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' (1993)
'Star Trek: The Next Generation' (1987)
'Hard Time on Planet Earth' (1989)
'Probe' (1988)
'Miami Vice' (1984)
'Simon & Simon' (1981)
'Cagney & Lacey' (1982)


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