Sunday, October 30, 2005


Teen actress Tara Correa-McMullen, who portrayed a former gang member in the TV show 'Judging Amy,' was shot to death amid gang violence, police said.

Authorities in Inglewood, a suburb south of Los Angeles, said the actress was shot several times as she stood outside an apartment complex Oct. 21. Two men with her were wounded.

No suspects have been identified in the shooting, which is believed to be gang-related, police said.

"She may have just been at the wrong place at the wrong time," said Sgt. Steve Overly said.

After filming her first movie, "Rebound," which was released this summer, Correa-McMullen won a recurring role on 'Judging Amy' as a former gang member named Graciela.
[edited from the AP report]

Her list of credits [from]:

'Zoey 101' playing "Ridgeway Girl #1" in episode: "Disc Golf" (episode # 1.11) 10 April 2005
'Judging Amy' playing "Graciela" in episode: "My Name Is Amy Gray ..." (episode # 6.22) 3 May 2005
in episode: "Getting Out" (episode # 6.21) 26 April 2005
in episode: "Sorry I Missed You" (episode # 6.18) 5 April 2005
in episode: "Hard to Get" (episode # 6.15) 8 March 2005
in episode: "Dream a Little Dream" (episode # 6.13) 15 February 2005
in episode: "10,000 Steps" (episode # 6.11) 25 January 2005
in episode: "Silent Era" (episode # 6.9) 11 January 2005
in episode: "Lullaby" (episode # 6.2) 12 October 2004

'Judging Amy' has ceased production, but there's always the chance someday that the characters may be brought back for a reunion movie. Sadly, Ms. Correa-McMullen's character would have to be recast due to her murder. (A similar situation happened back in the 1970s when Barbara Colby was murdered soon after beginning work on 'Phyllis'. Her character of Julie Erskine, who only appeared in the first episode, was quickly recast with Liz Torres.)

Life goes on in Toobworld after the shows stopped broadcasting, so Graciela Reyes may still be alive in the TV Universe even though the actress who played her has died. We just can't see it played out.

But if there was a chance for this Hartford-based series to return someday, I would hope they would honor the young actress' memory by not recasting the role. Instead, they should splain away her absence in an honorable fashion - even if it meant saying that she had died, - as a fitting tribute to her memory.

It's always possible that Graciela Reyes is somehow related to Hugo Reyes. Even though they are separated by the continental United States (Graciela lives in Hartford, Ct., and Hugo is in Los Angeles.), they still could have been cousins.

If Graciela Reyes has indeed passed away off-screen to preserve the character as being played only by Ms. Correa-McMullen, then it could be another sign that Hugo's supposed Curse of the Numbers still afflicts his family even though he himself has been 'Lost' for over a year......

In any event, I hope her killer(s) are soon found and brought to justice.


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