Tuesday, March 29, 2005


The Who's Roger Daltrey has come aboard the WB Network's untitled mermaid drama pilot. The pilot stars Nathalie Kelley as a mermaid who tries life on land in Miami. Daltrey will play the antagonist on the show.

Oh, that's easy! cried Sir Galahad.....

The 'Charmed' Ones of San Francisco, the three Halliwell Sisters, should make a trip to Miami for some kind of adventure on their show and meet this mermaid. And then the plotline can wrap up on the new series.

None of the other offerings on the WB would work. Easy enough to get the 'Everwood' gang back to New York, but to Miami, and to swim around with a mermaid? Hard enough to picture Roger Daltrey acting with Treat Willliams!

Still and all, I can't shake the image of Dawson standing in his rowboat when the mermaid suddenly flops into the boat.......


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