Sunday, March 27, 2005



Bill Macy and Larry Hankin have been tapped to play retirees in NBC's comedy pilot "Early Bird." The pilot stars Timm Sharp as a twentysomething who moves into a retirement community.

For this show's crossover possibilities, NBC might be better off bringing back classic characters from their Florida-based sitcoms of old.

'The Golden Girls', for example. I understand Estelle Getty is not doing well in regards to her health, but I'd bet a quick cameo by Dorothy, Blanche, and/or Rose might be feasible.

The daughters of the late Dr. Harry Weston might also pop in for a visit, perhaps keeping in touch with former patients of their dad. Or they could even mention that they were just visiting him, if the Powers That Be wanted to maintain the illusion that the character was still alive, even though Richard Mulligan has passed away.

And NBC could always thumb their network noses at their critics and have constant references to the TV station which was featured prominently in the much-lambasted 'Good Morning, Miami'.

Otherwise they might have to pull out the old stand-by of having one of the 'Early Bird' characters be related to some character from another series. Maybe Larry Hankin's character is the grandfather to Jack on 'Will & Grace'. Or perhaps Clown can leave 'Committed' long enough to visit the retirement community as a possible new home; perhaps even run into his old clown college buddy Binky there.

If they do intend to have a crossover with 'Committed', they better do it soon. That sitcom is on life support and NBC is probably ready to pull the plug.

Strange how that imagery came to mind when talking about a Florida sitcom.....

But as this sitcom sounds like it skews way too old demographically anyway, no matter how young the main character, the advertisers might never go for it.


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